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Hi, I'm the CEO of a small Munich-based company specializing in domain name registration. Although I originally started on English Wikipedia in 2004, I've been mostly active on German Wikipedia since March 2006. My main focus for content is the politics and history of the United States with an emphasis on history of law. Behind the scenes, my focus has lied on categories and templates founding the respective WikiProjects on German Wikipedia. I'm admin and an arbitrator on German Wikipedia and bureaucrat on English and Beta Wikiversity where I help mostly by providing technical assistance. You can also contact me if you need information from the German OTRS queues.

I'm also the President of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., the German Wikimedia chapter.

Top Ten Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time With Wikimedia Projects

  • 10. You sign e-mails with ~~~~.
  • 9. You notice what you've done and send them like that anyway.
  • 8. You look up Ursa Major and, three hours later, end up reading about Italian cuisine.
  • 7. Whenever you don't know something, you look in Wikipedia first.
  • 6. You setup a MediaWiki installation for work and create pages for Cleanup, Requests for Adminship and Articles for Deletion.
  • 5. You send a link to a Wikipedia article to a colleague by enclosing the subject with [[]].
  • 4. Your watchlists contains more than 1,000 entries, each.
  • 3. You refresh your watchlists every 30 seconds to see what's changed recently.
  • 2. When visiting another web site, you notice a spelling mistake and start searching for the "edit" tab.
  • 1. You hear about an RFC and actually search for a place to leave your comments.


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