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I love the sheer breadth of this.

I wouldn't focus too much on 'current strengths' and 'career paths / ways to be formally affiliated' because of the vast scope of the final goal. similar to the way that deciding to capture 'all knowledge' freed us from trying to start with specific named peopld [which was the previous idea], capturing the hearts and visions of all people would free us from appealing to a particular crowd.

Describe instead a dozen specific projects that could be attempted. A key to successful wikiprojects is supreme, even ridiculous clarity of what a contribution is and what 100% completion means.


get and publish a 'lesson for my grandchildren' from every living nobel prize winner.
record the family tree of every household in Newton, Illinois.
upload images and specs for every non-book product with an EAN code, from catalogs and international agencies

Outreach and fun:

Write a script to autogenerate a wiki-based reading list for every Spring class at Brown from its course catalog description, and mail the results to the professors with a link to a personal feedback page.
Find someone to build a casual javascript Wikipedia game that gives you points for catching typos, adding your own photos, and making edits within 5 minutes. Make this a super simplified version of normal editing, build it to work on only one particular new browser, and test it once on every anon using that browser the first time they visit a non-main-namespace page.
Advertise for campus wikipedia reps, send them boxes of swag. Plan flashmob lightning talks on major campuses where groups of wikipedians print out w:lightning in their favorite language, and read it out simultaneously while distributing wiki-literature. Have one-sheets about 'how to start a wikipedia cabal on campus'.
Hold Wiki birthday parties every Jan 15. The wikicake meme is dying to be born.

etc etc :) Sj 03:29, 19 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]