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Wikiday would combine important topics with Wikipedia knowledge. Wikiday would log daily events that have a significant impact on humanity: earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, polital issues,health, technology, economy, agriculture, religion etc... The important point is that the log would be created on a daily basis and would also have trending to track changes in significant events that affect the world. A similar approach that is used on the Novisio web page ( is proposed where the inital page has large images and text embedded in images to allow the user to quickly get up to-date on significant world events. These events do not include gossup or other topics that are not relevant to society as a whole. Wikiday would not be Wikinews as Wikinews can include a broad range of topics and issues.


Create wikiday based on significant world changing events that impact society and humanity (ex.: G20 summit, volcanic eruption in Indonesia, earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, mass strikes in France following changes to retirement laws, price of cereal increases in Pakistan etc...).

An image type daily page (such as for the current day would help people to get quickly up to-date about significant world events. Embedding Wikipedia text in the images would yield a clear advantage for Wikipedia and for WikiDay as both would complement each other. The Wikipedia text could also be saved in the daily log file. Very often, significant topics will arrouse curiosity and the need to know more about the topic (where, why, who how etc...). Hence, Novisio 20:32, 15 November 2010 (UTC)Wikipedia is already the place to go to learn, therefore the two come logically together and complement each other. People could get up to-date on significant world events and at the same time learn. Each topic could have multiple wikipedia references![]

The daily logs would be saved and could then be read by users in the futur. Trending the events could also be very useful for people or even businesses.


A Wikiday that catalogs events independantly and includes trends would help people follow significant events and the presence of trends would make visualising the changes easier to illustrate. Including Wikipedia text in the images and on the same page would allow users to do more with less time. A similar approach that is used in the Novisio page is proposed (

Key Questions

Potential Costs

Storing data, getting images that correspond with the relevant topics, generating the daily topics page and generating the topic trends.


Community Discussion

Do you have a thought about this proposal? A suggestion? Discuss this proposal by going to Proposal talk:Wikiday.

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