Wikimedia Movement Strategic Plan Summary/Stabilize Infrastructure

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Strategic Priorities: Stabilize infrastructure

Wikimedia projects are among the most-visited sites in the world, however Wikimedia does not yet have a technological, operational and financial infrastructure commensurate with people's reliance upon it.

To meet the needs of readers, the Wikimedia Foundation must invest in developing more robust technology and operational systems, as well as solid, sustainable revenue streams. Wikimedia needs to make improvements to the reader experience and to create better tools for collaborative content creation. In the immediate future, this need will require an increased investment in technical and fundraising operations.

Through 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation will:

Make technology investments to guarantee the permanence of projects and support ongoing growth.

  • Build new data centers with automatic failover features to reduce the likelihood of outages and ensure the continued operations of the site in the case of catastrophic events. 

  • Deploy additional caching centers in key locations to serve growing audiences in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

  • Improve stability and security by resourcing to eliminate single points of failure, apply critical upgrades, and implement disaster recovery plans.
  • Manage the MediaWiki release cycle to ensure it meets the evolving needs of readers and editors.

  • Develop clear documentation and APIs to enable developers to create applications that work easily with MediaWiki. 

Expand public awareness and support for the Wikimedia movement.

  • Spread information about Wikimedia’s mission, vision, values and practices. Help people better understand our work, and motivate them to help us do it.
  • Grow the number of Wikimedia donors, to ensure steady, robust support.
  • Increase capacity to safeguard the movement's reputation and support the advancement of legal conditions that enable unimpeded access to information online, worldwide.

Build internal capacity to better support the movement and achieve its strategic goals.

  • Increase capacity by adding new staff to catalyze, support and partner with community members. 

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