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    From Strategic Planning
    Chapters Current Paid Staff? Desire for Paid Staff? Planning Paid Staff? Remarks
    Argentina No Yes No  
    Australia No   Not at present  
    Czech Republic No Yes Yes(*) (*) Currently discussing the possible job description, however serious planning will begin when there will be known funds for paid staffer(s).
    Denmark No Unclear Not at this moment  
    France Yes (external secretary) Yes Yes (hiring process for first full-time employee ongoing), start around feb 2010  
    Germany Yes Yes We will hire additional people in early 2010  
    Hong Kong No Yes Always if we have enough money  
    Hungary No   Not at present  
    Israel No Never discussed seriously Not at this moment The Pikiwiki project has small paid staff funded by ISOC-IL
    Italy No No No  
    Netherlands No Yes Yes Working currently on a way to finance the paid staff both in the short and longer term
    New York City No (except for interns) Yes No  
    Norway No Yes Not at this moment  
    Poland Yes      
    Serbia No Yes Yes, gathering money for payed staff  
    Sweden No In discussion Not at this moment  
    Switzerland No Unclear Not at this moment  
    UK No Yes, but depending on who is asked Just starting to think about it