Wikimedia movement/Organizational structure

    From Strategic Planning

    The current state of chapters

    Baseline information

    Chapter activity

    Chapter resources

    Chapter personnel

    Here is a link to emerging information about which chapters do and do not have paid staff

    Chapter example: Brazil

    Information that the Brazilian community put together on Wikipedia in Brazil. (translated version)

    Chat transcript between Chapters Committee and Wikimedia Brasil members.

    Current internal project management systems and processes

    For each . . .

    • Objectives/role within the Wikimedia community
    • Who is involved
    • Quick system/process overview (or links to existing resources)
    • What work well, and what could work better

    Current roles and responsibilities

    Wikimedia Foundation

    • Keep the servers running
    • Strategic Planning
    • Public outreach
    • Infrastructure
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Communications
    • Fundraising
    • Grant writing and compliance

    Foundation Board

    Wikimedia Chapters