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This is an imprecise impression of events which I was only intermittently involved in.

I just spent about 5 hours writing this up, and I am about to rip what I wrote into a much simpler and more basic précis.

In 2006 Wikipedian en:User:Nightstallion began a 16-month long, 4 vote tabulation, logo competition/vote. 70% of the proposed logos came from wikipedians; 2 from Wiktionarians (10.5% of candidates.) The process is often considered to have been flawed. The result of the process was some wiktionaries opted to customized versions of the Tiles logo (eg. Wiktionnaire and WikiWoordenboek.)

In 2009 Cary created Wiktionary/logo/refresh, after announcing his intention the day before on wiktionary-l. The current round largely recycled the previous, but expanded the initial field to 62 possibilities including a Goatse variant. The first round vote included a much higher percentage of Wiktionarians than the previous; almost half of participants had made at least 3 main namespace edits on Wiktionary. The number whose primary project by number of edits was a Wiktionary was rather lower.

The current status of the logo vote is in limbo. Cary stated recently that despite a voting process stating the results will be brought back to the Wiktionary project for acceptance by the member sites, xe plans to implement the results of the Meta vote regardless.

It seems likely, and this is entirely my personal opinion, the Wikimedia Foundation has instructed Cary to bring this to a single irrefutable resolution without implicating the Foundation in doing so. Several direct requests to members of the Board of Trustees and staff as to whether this is an instigation of the Foundation have been ignored/not answered. - Amgine 07:27, 14 January 2010 (UTC)

That opinion is entirely without basis. I have taken up the course in my duties as a member of staff, without instruction from anyone else. I'm not certain where you've come up with your assessment. Furthermore, I've answered direct questions each and every time you've asked. What makes you think I'm reporting this to some other individual?
I might also add that your opinion does not reflect that of Wiktionary contributors with whom I've spoken, entirely, without exception, felt the need for a resolution to the logo conflict. The fact that you, yourself, want to keep the original logo is the opinion of a small minority of Wiktionarians. You have had ample opportunity on meta to speak your mind, as many, many other Wiktionarians have. Bastique 18:52, 14 January 2010 (UTC)