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Proposals on my watchlist

Most proposals on my watchlist are related to software enhancements with a large impact for editors. Those are only realistic if these support the strategy.

I only reviewed a couple of proposals. I will try to review more later.

The proposals on my watchlist in alphabetical order:


My personal view for a strategy would be

  • DON'T set high standards for new articles. Any article on any subject can gradually evolve into a better article. That is the WIKI principle
  • Wikipedia (/wikimedia) is not only for university level but for ALL of mankind
    • less strict RfD rules
    • less strict on references and sources
    • less reverts
    • Bot import of all cities in the world, on all wikipedias
    • Red links help Wikipedia grow. [1]
  • Tools to help control vandalisme like
  • Focus on projects that have potential, don't waste time on others
    • end projects that have no potential like Wikipedias in european dialects, Simple wikipedia, wikinews, wikiversity etc.... (Yes, I have seen what they are like)
      Quote from Sue Gardner "I think our obligation is to focus our energy, for the most part, on the projects that have the greatest potential. And by "potential," I would mean the projects where there is a very large available readership (speakers of the language, internet-connected, literate) and where we are currently performing poorly. I guess I feel we have an obligation to focus our energy where it will make the most difference -- where there is enormous potential. That is easier said than done."
    • integrate all wikitionaries (as Proposal:Multilingual Wiktionary or the m:OmegaWiki proposal)
  • Make edit more simple (WYSIWYG), but in the same time allow old style of editing.
    • Show the rendered output for templates (like infoboxes), and only show paremeters if you click on it
    • Drag and drop images
  • Keep attracting new wikipedians(/wikimedians)
    • Encourage translation of wikipedia (/wikimedia) articles from English to French, German, etc. and vice versa
  • ....