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Global templates would make possible to create good looking and correct pages also in smaller Wikipedias.


Wikimedia should host another global project similar to Commons. This project should develop a set of templates which could be usable in all Wikipedias (and/or other WM projects). Therefore these templates should be made universally. The global templates should be possible to call directly without copying them to the project where they are used.

The new project should provide js and default css files necessary for the developed templates as well.


Nowadays, only local templates can be used in each project. Global templates which would be created by highly skilled programmers, would allow to use these templates also in smaller projects which do not have enough people to write them. The smaller projects suffer with a low quality of the template code which results into a difficult skinability and taking over our content. Many project lack wanted features which bigger project successfully use already several years.

Key Questions

  • Would be necessary to localize the global templates (names and parameters' names)?
    • How to localize them?
  • How to localize template text?

Potential Costs

  • developing background
  • developing the global templates themselves


  • Bugzilla 4547 Enable template inclusion from Commons (transclusion => interwiki templates, etc.)

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