IRC office hours/2009-10-27

    From Strategic Planning
    [11:04pm] Bejinhan: hello britty
    [11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: britty
    [11:04pm] britty: 1pm just after a lunch: perfect schedule
    [11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: britty, I do it for you
    [11:05pm] britty: though just before i've seen all my zh friends went out for lunch
    [11:05pm] britty: Philippe|Wiki, merci
    [11:05pm] Philippe|Wiki: Well, a couple of updates for you while we wait for eekim.....
    [11:05pm] Philippe|Wiki: LiquidThreads is... well, busted.
    [11:05pm] Philippe|Wiki: And TimStarling and Eekim are working it
    [11:05pm] Philippe|Wiki: while waiting for daybreak somewhere on the east side of the Atlantic
    [11:06pm] Philippe|Wiki: I'm excited that Wikimedia-Brazil is hosting a series of "unconferences" focusing on Strategy
    [11:06pm] eekim joined the chat room.
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    [11:06pm] eekim: hi everybody
    [11:06pm] eekim: sorry i'm late
    [11:06pm] Philippe|Wiki: I'm pleased to join for the first of the series.
    [11:06pm] Philippe|Wiki: Hey eekim
    [11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: I was just metioning the Brazilian unconferences
    [11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: errr, mentioning, too
    [11:07pm] eekim: excellent
    [11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: and, of course, like the rest of the staff we're thrilled to be in the Foundation's new offices (with conference rooms!)
    [11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: Eekim, you wanna talk about the changes to the wiki?
    [11:08pm] eekim: well, we're trying to make it clearer
    [11:08pm] eekim: it's gotten a bit bloated
    [11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: oh yeah, and... ****BEGIN LOG**** somewhere after Natalie's crass comment above
    [11:08pm] eekim: and we could still use help figuring out how to unbloat it
    [11:08pm] eekim: i think we're on the right path
    [11:09pm] eekim: the important thing at this point is to start discussing/exploring the key questions
    [11:09pm] Natalie: Unconference. Now there's a great buzzword.
    [11:09pm] eekim: so all of that content is now on its own page
    [11:09pm] Natalie: I want to see more buzzwords like that.
    [11:09pm] eekim: pages
    [11:10pm] eekim: Natalie, we plan on leveraging social media and incorporate the Wiki Way to maximize community engagement
    [11:10pm] Philippe|Wiki: strategy! synergy!
    [11:10pm] Natalie: "The facilitators strategically tweeted during their unconference."
    [11:10pm] Natalie: eekim: Better.
    [11:10pm] britty: Natalie, so why not tweet this meeting itself?
    [11:11pm] Philippe|Wiki: crap, did i forget?
    [11:11pm] Philippe|Wiki: wait, no... I did that
    [11:11pm] Philippe|Wiki:
    [11:11pm] Natalie: britty: I have so many rude comments to make right now.
    [11:11pm] • Natalie continues to bite his tongue.
    [11:11pm] britty: Philippe|Wiki, i mean to tweet all log just presroi did for a meeting in germany
    [11:11pm] britty: Natalie, hehe
    [11:11pm] eekim: why are you holding back, Natalie?
    [11:11pm] eekim: let's hear it
    [11:11pm] Philippe|Wiki: Nat, that's rather unlike you.
    [11:12pm] Natalie: I've been a big fan of twatting since the beginning.
    [11:12pm] eekim: yeah, maybe you should have kept biting your tongue
    [11:12pm] Natalie: Who needs full sentences? Or even full URLs? Compress your message that nobody cares about in 140 characters and let it fly!
    [11:13pm] Az1568: lol
    [11:13pm] • Bejinhan doesn't have a twitter
    [11:13pm] Philippe|Wiki: sentence not nec-sary. alwyz cut vowls.
    [11:13pm] Natalie: Bejinhan: And the world is a better place because of it.
    [11:14pm] MichaelSnow: Philippe: And to think disemvoweling used to be a strategy for dealing with comment trolls on blogs. Now we get them to do it to themselves, voluntarily.
    [11:14pm] Philippe|Wiki: lol@MichaelSnow: it's been SOOOO long since I thought of disemvoweling.
    [11:14pm] Natalie: Oh, hello MichaelSnow.
    [11:14pm] Natalie: Didn't see you there.
    [11:14pm] MichaelSnow: Hi Natalie
    [11:15pm] Philippe|Wiki: btw, if you ahavn'et already, check out the nifty new design on's main page
    [11:15pm] Az1568: pretty
    [11:15pm] Philippe|Wiki: <pause to allow Natalie's sardonic comment....>
    [11:16pm] Az1568: of course lol
    [11:16pm] Philippe|Wiki: <check Natalie's pulse>
    [11:16pm] eekim: i'm really happy with our progress thus far, but we have a long way to go
    [11:16pm] eekim: our biggest needs are:
    [11:16pm] eekim: 1. ongoing clean up/organization
    [11:16pm] eekim: 2. discussing the questions
    [11:17pm] eekim: would love help/ideas for how we can all continue to do these things
    [11:17pm] Natalie: Sorry, focusing on more important things.
    [11:17pm] Natalie: Back now.
    [11:18pm] Natalie: Yes. New Main Page. Deckchairs and the Titanic.
    [11:18pm] Natalie: Deck chairs, apparently. *
    [11:18pm] Natalie: Who knew.
    [11:18pm] Bejinhan: lol
    [11:18pm] Az1568:
    [11:18pm] Philippe|Wiki: There's my girl.
    [11:19pm] MichaelSnow: How are we with the list of task forces?
    [11:19pm] scream joined the chat room.
    [11:20pm] Philippe|Wiki: MichaelSnow: China has launched
    [11:20pm] scream is now known as NonvocalScream.
    [11:20pm] Philippe|Wiki: The others, soon, I think. Eekim is working on that
    [11:20pm] MichaelSnow: Sorry, I didn't mean status so much as the list itself
    [11:20pm] Natalie: Heh.
    [11:20pm] Philippe|Wiki: ahhh....
    [11:21pm] Philippe|Wiki: The list is there
    [11:21pm] MichaelSnow: Do we feel good about the list we have? Is anything missing?
    [11:21pm] eekim: it'll probably shrink
    [11:21pm] eekim: i feel good about it. the question is, do others?
    [11:21pm] MichaelSnow: Shrink because of overlap?
    [11:22pm] eekim: overlap, number of qualified candidates, need for focus
    [11:23pm] eekim: we're going to merge the two tech task forces (infrastructure and innovation)
    [11:24pm] MichaelSnow: That might make sense
    [11:24pm] eekim: driven largely by conversations with tim, brion, and mark
    [11:24pm] eekim: they need to be involved in both conversations. no need to artificially separate the two.
    [11:24pm] eekim: frankly, you can argue that they're closely related
    [11:25pm] MichaelSnow: I was trying to figure out why Improving Quality and Expanding Content are each under their own heading
    [11:25pm] eekim: they probably shouldn't be
    [11:25pm] eekim: they both fit under quality
    [11:25pm] eekim: still trying to tighten up the "Expanding Content" task force
    [11:25pm] eekim: your comments would be much appreciated
    [11:25pm] MichaelSnow: Right, then we would have nice big buckets for each of reach, participation, and quality
    [11:25pm] eekim: (preferably directly on the wiki)
    [11:26pm] Natalie: <eekim> it'll probably shrink ## That's what she said.
    [11:26pm] MichaelSnow: plus the miscellaneous stuff that's more operational/organizational
    [11:26pm] eekim: Natalie, for office hours, let's try to keep it clean
    [11:27pm] Natalie: Haha, right.
    [11:27pm] Natalie: She was just referring to Wikimedia Strategic Planning's task forces list, though.
    [11:27pm] eekim: yeah, right
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    [11:30pm] • Philippe|Wiki is irritated that appears to be blocking his smtp server. again.
    [11:30pm] JC joined the chat room.
    [11:30pm] eekim: Philippe, try using port 587
    [11:31pm] Philippe|Wiki: eekim on wikimedia's? I don't mess with Steve's settings, he would beat me.
    [11:32pm] eekim: use port 587 as your smtp server. i'm sure wikimedia is using that port. it's standard.
    [11:32pm] eekim: and if it's not, just change it back to 25
    [11:38pm] Philippe|Wiki: eh, I got it out on gmail.
    [11:42pm] JC left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
    [11:49pm] • Philippe|Wiki is going to drop off now
    [11:50pm] Philippe|Wiki: I left SF this morning and I'd like to go pet my dog
    [11:50pm] Philippe|Wiki: see ya'll later.
    [11:50pm] You are now known as Philippe|Sleep.
    [11:50pm] eekim: bye philippe
    [11:50pm] eekim: i'll stick around for another 10 minutes
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    [11:57pm] GerardM- joined the chat room.
    [11:58pm] eekim: hi gerard
    [11:58pm] eekim: slipped in just before the end
    [11:58pm] eekim: i'm going to send you an email about the Local Languages Task Force tonight
    [11:59pm] eekim: okay everyone
    [11:59pm] eekim: office hours are officially over
    [11:59pm] eekim: thanks for coming!