IRC office hours/2010-01-05

From Strategic Planning

Philippe|Wiki: *** LOGGING ***

[8:00pm] eekim: happy new year!
[8:01pm] Philippe|Wiki: Busy one, so far
[8:01pm] eekim: no kidding. only five days in.
[8:02pm] Philippe|Wiki: who's here, eh? anyone?
[8:03pm] eekim: y'all are quiet tonight
[8:03pm] Philippe|Wiki: well, let's give it a couple minutes and see if anyone wakes up, shall we?
[8:03pm] eekim: we're moving to wrap up task force business over the next week
[8:03pm] eekim: and then on to phase 3
[8:03pm] eekim: now's an excellent time to pop onto the wiki and read what people have been saying
[8:09pm] Seddon: yes i have a question
[8:09pm] Philippe|Wiki: Hey Seddon
[8:09pm] Philippe|Wiki: What's up?
[8:10pm] Seddon: ummm all the information on reach used to be easily accesible, and now unless you know it exists you can get to it
[8:10pm] eekim: how do you mean, Seddon?
[8:10pm] Seddon: well i could wel just be blind
[8:11pm] eekim: we haven't been doing a good job of maintaining the homepage
[8:11pm] Seddon: before there was a nice big link to where wikimedia is now and information on demographics and reach etc
[8:11pm] eekim: click on wikimedia-pedia on the sidebar for now
[8:11pm] Philippe|Wiki: Seddon, there's a link on the left that says "wikimedia-pedia" - from there, there's a link to Extending Reach. That initial link (Wikimedia-pedia) probably isn't self-descriptive, you're right.
[8:11pm] eekim: working on a revised homepage at:
[8:11pm] Seddon: ahhhh right ok so thats where i need to go
[8:11pm] Philippe|Wiki: That's a good point, and thanks for pointing it out, Seddon
[8:12pm] Seddon: no worries
[8:12pm] eekim: should hopefully have something before the end of the week
[8:12pm] Philippe|Wiki: The idea is that "Wikimedia-pedia" will be the encyclopedia of all things wikimedia
[8:13pm] Philippe|Wiki: ...but you wouldn't know that, because we didn't... well, actually say it. Note to self.
[8:13pm] eekim: or at least in the context of wikimedia
[8:13pm] Philippe|Wiki: eekim's new version of the homepage does say it. nice.
[8:14pm] eekim: it's just a rough draft right now. would appreciate others working on it, improving it.
[8:18pm] Seddon: iv noticed that some of the taskforces are flagging, any idea how we can improve productivity?
[8:18pm] eekim: i think there are a couple of things
[8:18pm] eekim: first, you should definitely jump in and put in your two cents in the discussion
[8:19pm] eekim: second, we're encouraging task forces to write straw man recommendations, then try to get feedback
[8:19pm] eekim: sometimes, people are more inclined to comment and respond then to create
[8:19pm] eekim: Seddon, is there a task force that you're interested in?
[8:19pm] eekim: or topic?
[8:20pm] Seddon: many tbh
[8:20pm] Seddon: two particularly, one im supposed to be part of
[8:20pm] eekim: which?
[8:28pm] Seddon: actually three, partnerships (the one im supposed to be part of), movement roles (particularly chapter foundation stuff and trustree roles) and finally offline use of wikimedia resources
[8:28pm] Philippe|Wiki: Seddon, I'd love your thoughts on the questions about movement roles that are posted on that page....
[8:28pm] Philippe|Wiki: we could really use some input there
[8:29pm] Seddon: id go take a look
[8:29pm] eekim: we'd love your input on all three
[8:29pm] Philippe|Wiki: if you could leave your thoughts on the talk page, it would be awesome. (Yes, all three, of course, but movement roles has my particular interest. Eekim is right, of course)
[8:34pm] Seddon: Phillipe will do, will be good to play with liquid threads
[8:35pm] eekim: thanks, Seddon. appreciate it.
[8:35pm] Philippe|Wiki: Great!
[8:47pm] Seddon: its gone quiet
[8:48pm] eekim: we're in listening mode
[8:48pm] Philippe|Wiki: and i'm trying to figure out why my mouse has gone nuts.
[8:48pm] NuclearWarfare left the chat room. ("ChatZilla 0.9.86 :[Firefox 3.5.6/20091201220228]")
[8:49pm] Philippe|Wiki: i've elected to blame eekim
[8:49pm] eekim: don't forget the Philippe Corollary
[8:49pm] eekim: when things go wrong, i blame yo
[8:49pm] eekim: you
[8:51pm] Philippe|Wiki: no no no. I never gave that one the imprimatur.
[8:51pm] eekim: about ten more minutes left in office hours
[8:52pm] eekim: hope i won't have to blame philippe for the continuing silence
[8:53pm] Philippe|Wiki: oh why not? It'll be a fun game.
[8:53pm] eekim: i get to play that game all the time
[8:53pm] Philippe|Wiki: sad but true.
[8:53pm] Philippe|Wiki: you think i don't blame you?
[8:54pm] eekim: no!!!
[8:54pm] Philippe|Wiki: lol
[8:55pm] Philippe|Wiki: hmmm, my mouse is mving incredibly slowly
[8:56pm] eekim: wireless?
[8:56pm] Philippe|Wiki: yes
[8:56pm] Philippe|Wiki: bluetooth
[8:56pm] Blurredpeace joined the chat room.
[8:56pm] eekim: maybe you're low on battery?
[8:56pm] Philippe|Wiki: it doesn't say so.... but i suppose the light could be dead
[8:57pm] eekim: Seddon, i think it's time we wrap up
[8:57pm] eekim: thanks for popping on
[8:57pm] eekim: looking forward to your thoughts on the wiki
[8:57pm] Seddon: ok take care eekim
[8:57pm] Philippe|Wiki: Thanks, Seddon!: )
[8:57pm] Philippe|Wiki: *** END LOG ***