IRC office hours/2010-03-09

From Strategic Planning

[2010-03-09 11::58:42] eekim: hi everybody!

[2010-03-09 11::58:47] >> barras_ joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 11::58:56] eekim: we'll get started in a few minutes

[2010-03-09 11::59:03] randmontoya: goodday eekem

[2010-03-09 11::59:04] >> quanticle joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 11::59:07] eekim: just me today; Philippe has another meeting

[2010-03-09 11::59:20] quanticle: Hello everyone.

[2010-03-09 11::59:28] eekim: hi quanticle

[2010-03-09 12::00:14] >> Kraps joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::00:19] eekim: we've spent much of the past few weeks regrouping and getting ready for the final push

[2010-03-09 12::01:25] >> PeterSymonds joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::01:33] eekim: should strategy continue beyond july? should we think about merging with another project—meta perhaps?

[2010-03-09 12::02:48] GerardM-: hoi

[2010-03-09 12::02:49] quanticle: I think merging with meta would be a good idea, given that we're also not about the content, but the organization of content.

[2010-03-09 12::03:00] eekim: hi GerardM-

[2010-03-09 12::03:29] >> geniice joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::03:57] GerardM-: eekim: fyi mobile Wikipedia has gotten a big push forward in the last few weeks ..

[2010-03-09 12::04:13] quanticle: eekim: Well, I was thinking that the strategy wiki could probably folded in as a section or namespace on meta wiki. In fact, I'd probably say that's the most logical place for us, going forward.

[2010-03-09 12::04:22] eekim: GerardM-, yes, I've seen your posts. love it.

[2010-03-09 12::04:38] >> MuZemike joined the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::04:53] GerardM-: I am preparing a push on social media pushing the telcoms to support our languages

[2010-03-09 12::04:58] >> Mike||gone is now known as Mike_lifeguard.

[2010-03-09 12::05:05] eekim: quanticle, I'm wondering what the challenges might be for doing such a merger

[2010-03-09 12::05:29] GerardM-: lqt does not work well yet on strategy wiki

[2010-03-09 12::05:32] eekim: for example, we're using liquidthreads now. how would we migrate that content over to meta?

[2010-03-09 12::05:32] quanticle: Well, you'd have the straigt logistical challenges of merging a mid-sized wiki into a massive one.

[2010-03-09 12::05:37] GerardM-: the software on translatewiki woerks better

[2010-03-09 12::05:39] eekim: what do you mean, GerardM-?

[2010-03-09 12::05:47] GerardM-: your software is old

[2010-03-09 12::05:52] eekim: !

[2010-03-09 12::06:25] GerardM-: translatewiki runs the very latest reves

[2010-03-09 12::07:12] eekim: werdna told me yesterday he just pushed some new changes to strategy, and he has some more in the pipeline for later in the week

[2010-03-09 12::07:14] GerardM-: you cannot convert lqt to standard talk pages

[2010-03-09 12::07:21] quanticle: eekim: Well, I'm not sure how easy this is, since I've not worked with MediaWiki very much, but how difficult would it be to merge all the revision histories and such?

[2010-03-09 12::07:24] eekim: so it's possible we're about a week behind you

[2010-03-09 12::08:13] GerardM-: it would be quite a big job and the worst thing it takes the content off line

[2010-03-09 12::09:57] quanticle: All the same, I'm not sure that having future strategy discussions in a separate wiki is an entirely good idea. I mean, future strategy discussion is a form of meta-discussion just like all the other stuff on meta-wiki, right?

[2010-03-09 12::10:26] eekim: let me go over the reasons why we started a new wiki in the first place

[2010-03-09 12::13:16] >> MuZemike left the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::13:36] eekim: now that we have a better sense of what strategy is about, and some of the processes and content is more concrete, thinking about merging makes sense

[2010-03-09 12::16:14] GerardM-: one disadvantage is that having a similar process in a few years time is not easy when it gets integrated in Meta

[2010-03-09 12::16:33] eekim: why do you think that, GerardM-?

[2010-03-09 12::19:58] quanticle: Okay, I see what you mean eekim. That said, I do think that future strategy is a discussion that should have more input from the people on Meta, and that's why I was proposing integration.

[2010-03-09 12::20:16] GerardM-: because it has not the freedom to do as is best for the time

[2010-03-09 12::20:22] quanticle: Of course, if a significant number of people on meta are already on strategy, then its a non-issue.

[2010-03-09 12::20:46] eekim: i hear you, quanticle. it would be interesting to get solid numbers on the overlap.

[2010-03-09 12::21:00] GerardM-: consider site bans as well

[2010-03-09 12::21:12] eekim: good point, GerardM-

[2010-03-09 12::22:06] Natalie: Unless your name rhymes with toes.

[2010-03-09 12::22:20] eekim: hey Natalie

[2010-03-09 12::22:28] Natalie: Hi.

[2010-03-09 12::22:29] eekim: who might that be, i wonder? :-)

[2010-03-09 12::22:34] Natalie: Kohs

[2010-03-09 12::22:51] eekim: laughs

[2010-03-09 12::23:00] Natalie: Merging with Meta might be useful, though most of the content at isn't useful and Meta doesn't need more crap.

[2010-03-09 12::23:40] eekim: is there precedence for this sort of merger?

[2010-03-09 12::23:45] Natalie: Though why it started on the wrong wiki when Meta has existed for forever is beyond me.

[2010-03-09 12::23:53] quanticle: Well, its actually probably not as big of an issue as I was thinking at first. Given that participants on strategy wiki (myself excluded) tend to be fairly experienced with Wiki, they're likely on meta as well.

[2010-03-09 12::23:57] Natalie: Usually it goes the other way, people moving from Meta to elsewhere.

[2010-03-09 12::25:03] GerardM-: that it was not

[2010-03-09 12::25:14] eekim: thx, GerardM- :-)

[2010-03-09 12::25:15] GerardM-: is not

[2010-03-09 12::25:34] Natalie: Well, maybe the "dream" part is inapplicable. :-)

[2010-03-09 12::25:41] geniice: large scale moves between wikis are not really something we have done much

[2010-03-09 12::26:03] GerardM-: the Sorani content out of Kurdish

[2010-03-09 12::26:18] eekim: how big was that, GerardM-?

[2010-03-09 12::26:35] Natalie: geniice: Incubator holds all new languages; came from Meta; etc.

[2010-03-09 12::26:42] GerardM-: it created a new wiki a few hundred people articles and stuff

[2010-03-09 12::26:46] Natalie: It's not that hard.

[2010-03-09 12::26:55] GerardM-: also regularly incubator to new wiki

[2010-03-09 12::27:25] eekim: i'm not particularly worried about the actual content

[2010-03-09 12::28:04] GerardM-: norms are fluid

[2010-03-09 12::28:10] eekim: true enough

[2010-03-09 12::28:16] quanticle: Hmmm... I'd probably consider Strategy Wiki another "incubator" style site, and move content and policy over to meta-wiki when it has had a chance to prove itself on strategy wiki.

[2010-03-09 12::28:19] GerardM-: when you crash strategy into meta both will be different

[2010-03-09 12::28:30] eekim: that's a good way of thinking about it, quanticle

[2010-03-09 12::29:33] GerardM-: at this stage I do not read LQT because of the formatting problems

[2010-03-09 12::30:11] eekim: which formatting problems?

[2010-03-09 12::30:24] GerardM-: a text is not within one screen

[2010-03-09 12::30:34] Natalie: GerardM-: I still don't get why deaf people can't read, but w/e.

[2010-03-09 12::30:50] GerardM-: they can read and write

[2010-03-09 12::30:59] eekim: GerardM-: what do you mean a text is not within one screen?

[2010-03-09 12::31:07] GerardM-: and they can read and write their own language

[2010-03-09 12::31:21] Natalie: Kk.

[2010-03-09 12::31:25] eekim: thx. please cc werdna too.

[2010-03-09 12::31:40] Natalie: Oh, yeah.

[2010-03-09 12::32:20] GerardM-: Database error

[2010-03-09 12::33:24] eekim: GerardM-: what's your query? search seems to be working fine for me

[2010-03-09 12::33:39] GerardM-: this is opening "new messages"

[2010-03-09 12::34:11] eekim: very strange, works fine for me

[2010-03-09 12::34:25] GerardM-: I have 304 new messages

[2010-03-09 12::35:00] eekim: could you try it again to confirm?

[2010-03-09 12::35:45] GerardM-: <grin> it filled a cache

[2010-03-09 12::38:07] eekim: browser cache, or PHP cache?

[2010-03-09 12::39:10] GerardM-: two bugs in stead of one

[2010-03-09 12::39:33] eekim: okay, great

[2010-03-09 12::42:39] GerardM-: in my opinion migrate once LQT is stable

[2010-03-09 12::42:54] >> PeterSymonds left the chat room.

[2010-03-09 12::42:57] GerardM-: anything else will prevent the adoption of LQT ... it is a really useful project

[2010-03-09 12::44:40] eekim: i feel confident that LQT is close to being ready for broad deployment

[2010-03-09 12::44:54] GerardM-: ask me in a month

[2010-03-09 12::45:04] eekim: "close" = at least a month :-)

[2010-03-09 12::46:12] GerardM-: <grin> I am talking from the bleeding edge </grin> and get the strategy problem fixed for me :)

[2010-03-09 12::48:18] eekim: i know. i read and enjoy your blog regularly. :-)

[2010-03-09 12::48:28] GerardM-: thanks

[2010-03-09 12::50:14] eekim: i love this idea

[2010-03-09 12::50:16] GerardM-: when it works, we can add other countries periods / projects as well

[2010-03-09 12::52:13] eekim: there is a ton of potential for contests like these, especially centered around Commons

[2010-03-09 12::54:16] GerardM-: no

[2010-03-09 12::55:03] eekim: perhaps right now, but not in terms of opportunity

[2010-03-09 12::55:08] GerardM-: our best pictures are WAY to big

[2010-03-09 12::55:28] eekim: it's easier to build a mobile interface to tag images, for example, than it is to edit WP articles

[2010-03-09 12::55:30] GerardM-: with Djatoka it makes sense

[2010-03-09 12::56:12] eekim: looking at the web site now

[2010-03-09 12::56:16] GerardM-:

[2010-03-09 12::56:55] eekim: for the record:

[2010-03-09 12::57:24] GerardM-: I have contacts there

[2010-03-09 12::57:33] eekim: it's been helpful and enjoyable as always

[2010-03-09 12::57:38] GerardM-: they are the lawrence livermore labotories

[2010-03-09 12::57:48] eekim: GerardM-, excellent, they're locals

[2010-03-09 12::57:57] GerardM-: <grin>

[2010-03-09 12::59:24] eekim: very cool