IRC office hours/2010-04-28

From Strategic Planning

Philippe|Wiki: OK, so shall we get started?

[11:01pm] Philippe|Wiki: How's everyone tonight?
[11:02pm] Mikemoral: Fine.
[11:02pm] • jeremyb is /away for the night
[11:02pm] Philippe|Wiki: enjoy that, jeremyb
[11:02pm] jeremyb: thanks
[11:03pm] Philippe|Wiki: So I guess as just a quick update on where we are in the process, and then any discussion... we're starting the home stretch on the strategy plan. There are still a ccouple of really important task forces working...
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[11:03pm] Philippe|Wiki: the strategy task force, the content scope taskforce, and the BLP task force come to mind immediately.
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[11:03pm] Philippe|Wiki: There's a really interesting discussion about goals happening on strategy task force...
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[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: if you havent taken a look at those things, they're all linked from the task forces page
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: Hey eekim
[11:04pm] eekim: hi everybody
[11:04pm] eekim: sorry i'm late
[11:04pm] Jamesofur: YOUR LATE!
[11:04pm] Jamesofur: oh damn
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: no prob... i was just reminding folks to check out stratey task force, content scope, and blp
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: and mentioned the goals conversation
[11:04pm] eekim: thx
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: so it's all yours now
[11:04pm] eekim: all mine?!
[11:04pm] Jamesofur: do we have any time frame in mind? (for the end)
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: and pay no attention to Jamesofur .... he's drunk
[11:04pm] Philippe|Wiki: something about his third guiness
[11:04pm] eekim: office hours are always an hour
[11:05pm] Jamesofur: not yet!
[11:05pm] Philippe|Wiki: heh, i think he meant the strategy project, eekim
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[11:05pm] Jamesofur: yes, that
[11:05pm] eekim: ah, right
[11:05pm] eekim: process will be complete by wikimania 2010
[11:06pm] Jamesofur: ahh nice, thank you
[11:06pm] eekim: we're going to do a big push next week to get folks to look at the Movement Priorities:
[11:06pm] eekim: would really encourage people to go check it out and comment now
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[11:07pm] Prodego: zomg strategy
[11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: Prodego
[11:07pm] Prodego: we should flank them
[11:07pm] Prodego: or perhaps, do a barrel roll
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[11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: those are tactics, Prodego
[11:07pm] Philippe|Wiki: totally different
[11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: eekim, do I see a new movement priority on there?
[11:08pm] Prodego: we should design the capability to do barrel rolls then?
[11:08pm] eekim: not yet
[11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: Prodego: that's engineering
[11:08pm] Prodego: I'll work on it
[11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki:
[11:08pm] eekim: was thinking about some comments Randomran made on the Talk page
[11:08pm] eekim: nope, Randomran added that
[11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: that's the one I was thinking of
[11:08pm] Philippe|Wiki: ah
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[11:08pm] eekim: that was the basis of our conversation earlier today
[11:09pm] Philippe|Wiki: yeah, okay
[11:09pm] Philippe|Wiki:
[11:09pm] eekim: as one of our priorities, we're thinking about saying something about reminding the community about our five pillars:
[11:09pm] eekim: would love to hear people's thoughts
[11:10pm] Philippe|Wiki: I'm going to ask a totally naive question that I should know the answer to... do non-'pedia projects have the 5 pillars?
[11:10pm] Philippe|Wiki: or a modified version thereof?
[11:13pm] Mikemoral: En.wikinews does not.
[11:13pm] eekim: do you have something similar?
[11:14pm] Mikemoral: I don't think so. Then again I have to finish skimming all the policy.
[11:14pm] Philippe|Wiki: looks like Wiktionary doesn't either
[11:14pm] eekim: do folks here feel like the pillars apply to their (non-wp) projects?
[11:15pm] Mikemoral: Oh wait, there's the core policies.
[11:15pm] Jamesofur: In general yes but obviously the first one especially would need reworking at alot of non-pedia projects
[11:16pm] Ashlee: I'm hungry.
[11:16pm] Philippe|Wiki: and NPOV doesn't apply on all the projects either
[11:16pm] Philippe|Wiki: Wikisource for instance
[11:16pm] eekim: what about the last three? do those seem universal?
[11:16pm] Philippe|Wiki: so, 3, 4, and 5 probably do
[11:18pm] Philippe|Wiki: i'm fond of #3
[11:18pm] Philippe|Wiki: actually, i meant 4
[11:18pm] Philippe|Wiki: but i'm fond of 3 too
[11:18pm] eekim: 3 is a given
[11:18pm] eekim: 4 and 5 are the ones I think we need to call out
[11:18pm] Philippe|Wiki: 3 ties nicely to our
[11:19pm] Philippe|Wiki: i like 4 a lot tho. it's the one that concerns me quite a lot.
[11:19pm] Mikemoral: 4 is rather relaxed on wikinews.
[11:19pm] eekim: how do you mean?
[11:19pm] Philippe|Wiki: Mikemoral: what do u mean?
[11:19pm] Philippe|Wiki: heh, what eekim said
[11:19pm] Mikemoral: Well, we're a bit more blunt about things on wiki.
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[11:20pm] eekim: blunt does not necessarily imply disrespectful and civil
[11:20pm] Philippe|Wiki: heh... acutally, yeah. i'm thinking back to some of the stuff i've seen on there
[11:21pm] Mikemoral: My favorite block reason, "Please boil your head."
[11:22pm] eekim: heh
[11:22pm] eekim: Mikemoral, do you think people would disagree with 4 as a principle on en.wn (even if it's not widely practiced right now)?
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[11:22pm] Mikemoral: No. It is a guideline.
[11:22pm] Herodotus: Philippe|Wiki: Who has office hours at midnight?
[11:22pm] Philippe|Wiki: Herodotus: it's morning in Europe
[11:23pm] Philippe|Wiki: and afternoon in Asia
[11:23pm] Mikemoral: It's not midnight.
[11:23pm] Herodotus: Still!
[11:23pm] Mikemoral: 21ish for me.
[11:23pm] Philippe|Wiki: and next week, office hours change to the other time... 4PM EDT
[11:23pm] eekim: Herodotus, we rotate our office hours every week
[11:24pm] Herodotus: Heh. I figured there had to be something like that.
[11:24pm] GerardM-: the word of the day .. sleep deprivation ...
[11:24pm] eekim: hey GerardM-
[11:25pm] GerardM-: wrote another beaut for you on my blog
[11:25pm] Philippe|Wiki: isn't that two words?
[11:25pm] GerardM-: one concept
[11:25pm] GerardM-: in Dutch it is one word slaapdeprivaite
[11:26pm] GerardM-: <grin> we also do proverps
[11:27pm] Philippe|Wiki: OK, so we think that the fourth pillar wouldn't be a huge leap for anyone?
[11:27pm] Philippe|Wiki: even the "boil 'em in oil" newsies?
[11:27pm] eekim: very nice, GerardM-
[11:27pm] eekim: your blog post, that is
[11:31pm] GerardM-: Thanks
[11:33pm] GerardM-: going back to sleep
[11:33pm] eekim: thanks for dropping in
[11:33pm] eekim: have a good night
[11:33pm] Philippe|Wiki: see ya later, GerardM-
[11:36pm] Mikemoral: And my other favorite block reason for User:I'm a little teapot, "Nope, but you're a little pest. Cheerio!"
[11:37pm] Philippe|Wiki: someone's been hanging out on uncyclopedia too long
[11:37pm] Mikemoral:
[11:37pm] eekim: i confess, i enjoy that, but it's probably not so conducive to welcoming newcomers
[11:38pm] Prodego: no, its not
[11:38pm] Mikemoral: We have a bot to welcome people.
[11:38pm] Prodego: stuff like that is going to come back to bite us
[11:38pm] eekim: definitely
[11:38pm] • Jamesofur nods
[11:39pm] Jamesofur: going to, it has and I'm sure will
[11:39pm] Prodego: I personally wouldn't put up with a blockreason like that
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[11:39pm] Mikemoral: Well, these IPs are really asking for it, tbh.
[11:39pm] eekim: hey sj!
[11:40pm] eekim: seems like we agree that civility/respect is an important principle across all projects
[11:40pm] eekim: something we want to emphasize and improve across all projects
[11:41pm] • Jamesofur nods
[11:41pm] Jamesofur: helps to encourage and keep new users
[11:41pm] Jamesofur: (and old for that matter)
[11:41pm] eekim: absolutely
[11:41pm] Jamesofur: if you look at the people who are leaving it almost always comes down to something they see in peoples reactions to them
[11:42pm] Philippe|Wiki: actually, we've got some analysis around that
[11:42pm] Jamesofur: sometimes we may feel their concern isn't valid but it in their minds it is
[11:42pm] Prodego: I find newer people in general are less nice to newer people
[11:42pm] Prodego: and I think that has always been true
[11:42pm] Philippe|Wiki:
[11:42pm] Prodego: but I have no data to back that up at all
[11:42pm] Philippe|Wiki: if you haven't read that stuff, do.
[11:42pm] Philippe|Wiki: it's fascinating
[11:43pm] Prodego: I've read that, the problem is you really don't know who, why, and how many of those people are crazy
[11:43pm] eekim: Assume Good Faith
[11:43pm] Philippe|Wiki: and it's a pretty big sample size
[11:43pm] Philippe|Wiki: that usually comes out in the wash
[11:44pm] Prodego: its one thing to say "this is a problem", its another to say what is causing it
[11:45pm] Philippe|Wiki: have you seen random ran's new stuff on it?
[11:45pm] Philippe|Wiki: i really love it
[11:45pm] Prodego: Philippe|Wiki: word visualization?
[11:46pm] Prodego: seriously?
[11:46pm] Philippe|Wiki: word analysis, yes
[11:46pm] Prodego: sigh
[11:47pm] Prodego: well what that tells you is the not very suprising everyone wants something done their way fact
[11:47pm] Prodego: Community is more interesting
[11:48pm] Philippe|Wiki: go on?
[11:48pm] Prodego: well presumably if people see themselves are part of the community, they are more positive about it
[11:49pm] Prodego: or does anyone ever really think they are part of a community?
[11:49pm] Philippe|Wiki: Jay's been using the word "society", which I like better
[11:49pm] Prodego: there is probably more of a 'community' in IRC channels, mailing lists, etc, than in Wiki*edia itself
[11:50pm] Prodego: there is very little interaction with others that isn't arguing over something, not always in a heated way, but
[11:50pm] Philippe|Wiki: hmmm, i'm thinking back to when I started... I actually had a couple of mentors that were fantastic... Merope
[11:50pm] Philippe|Wiki: and FisherQueen
[11:50pm] Philippe|Wiki: I saw them as part of the community
[11:50pm] Prodego: I did as well
[11:51pm] Prodego: and I don't think that happens /as much/ anymore
[11:51pm] Prodego: but its hard to say
[11:51pm] Prodego: the rules were insanely confusing though
[11:51pm] Prodego: plus the help pages were terrible back then
[11:51pm] Philippe|Wiki: "were"?
[11:51pm] Philippe|Wiki: I posit they still are
[11:52pm] Prodego: they are much better now
[11:52pm] eekim: emphasizing pillar 5 would help
[11:52pm] Mikemoral: TO comment, I've noticed a deteriation of the community from when I joined back in '07.
[11:52pm] eekim: the strategic question: how do we turn this around?
[11:52pm] Jamesofur: I think the effect of "random chit chat" on trust is underappreciated
[11:52pm] Prodego: Philippe|Wiki: I mean try finding something in this:
[11:52pm] Jamesofur: which is why those who are on IRC/mailing lists etc tend to become more of a "community" then others
[11:53pm] eekim: agreed. speaks to some people's opposition to "social features"
[11:53pm] Jamesofur: and tend to trust the others around them more in the end
[11:53pm] • Jamesofur nods
[11:53pm] Jamesofur: I understand where they are coming from but I think parts of it are misguided, you don't want to make it ALL but they do have an important part to play imo
[11:53pm] Prodego: Mikemoral: perhaps. But you also move up in the community. So that means you are looking down on increasing numbers of people who are not at your level
[11:53pm] eekim: agreed, Jamesofur
[11:53pm] Prodego: that can make things seem worse, even though really you are just better
[11:54pm] Prodego: I don't think that's entirely the case here though, personally
[11:54pm] Mikemoral: Prodego, true.
[11:55pm] Mikemoral: But even now, all I ever do on wiki is matainence here-and-there and huggle.
[11:57pm] eekim: we have a few more minutes before office hours are over
[11:58pm] eekim: it would be really great if folks here would comment/contribute to the movement priorities page:
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[11:59pm] Philippe|Wiki: OK, on that note... i'm out. it's been a heckuva long day.
[11:59pm] eekim: me too
[11:59pm] eekim: thanks everyone for another good office hours
[11:59pm] Philippe|Wiki: See ya'll later!
[11:59pm] Mikemoral: bye
[11:59pm] eekim: bye
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