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Process/Activating volunteers

From Strategic Planning

There has been a tremendous amount of activity on this wiki throughout the 2009-2010 strategic planning process. In particular, volunteers have submitted almost a thousand proposals. The proposals have differed in quality and strategic focus, but they have been invaluable in informing the strategic planning process.

As we bring this process to a close, we now have an opportunity to turn this wiki into a resource for activating volunteers around strategic ideas. Specifically, it would be great if this wiki became a place where volunteers could explore ideas, discuss their strategic significance, and sign up for the projects they care about.

To encourage this, the following should happen:

  • Tie proposals to Strategic Plan/Movement Priorities. When someone looks at a proposal, the strategic significance should be obvious. If it's not obvious, people should be encouraged to think about the strategic significance.
  • Make it easy to find good volunteer opportunities.
    • Sort by category.
    • Sort by activity.
    • Sort by interest (backlinks, ratings, etc.)
  • Make it easy to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

See User:Philippe_(WMF)/Activation for some mockups of what this might look like (and help make them better). See Proposal:Activity bot for strategy proposals, task forces as a way to make this happen.