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From Strategic Planning

As this intense process comes to a close, we'd like to take the time and create the space to celebrate! Please help us in three ways:

  • Add one of the userboxes below to your user page to show that you participated.
  • Think about the people who have contributed in positive ways to this process, and award them barnstars on their user pages.
  • Post your thoughts on the celebration wall below.

Celebration Wall

What did you appreciate the most about this process? Please add your comments below!

Hi folks! I was involved for the first half or perhaps first three quarters of the Strategy process before some health issues got in the way. I have been feeling better just this last week thankfully. I enjoyed seeing all the proposals; there were lots of interesting ideas and many I'd like to see implemented. Even though the latest documents to come out of the WMF don't appear to express an intention to carry out some of my favourite ideas I think they can still come to fruition via grassroots support for them. < blows party horn > I think Philippe mentioned that there was some possibility that letters would be sent out thanking participants for their work on Strategy. I would be extremely grateful for such a letter as my family and friends often don't take my work on Wikimedia stuff very seriously, so it would be great to have something tangible. --Bodnotbod 08:04, 8 July 2010 (UTC)

I'm very happy to have been helpful to a such daunting project however we are not done yet. We have years of implementation & thick skulls cracking ahead of us. I should thanks every participants because Greats Things can only mature from exchange of views & ideas through open & frank dialogs. About the letter, i'm want one too because it's will be a first implementation of one volunteers recognition recommendation. --KrebMarkt 09:15, 8 July 2010 (UTC)

I'm glad to have been part of the conversation. I met a lot of great people though this process, and I realized how great a wiki can be when it functions like a co-operative neighborhood. And even though participation faded at times, I'm glad that participation was on the smaller side so it could resemble a real conversation. (Rather than a giant food fight.) There were tangible areas where people made a difference and the foundation seemed to notice. That alone makes this process worthwhile. The task forces, not just the community health task force, all put together some very well-informed and targeted solutions to emerging problems. I hope some of those ideas will translate into action, or even just a specific call to action from someone with the leadership to influence the projects. A strategy without action is just wallpaper. But in the meantime, let's step back and celebrate the walls that we built here. Randomran 16:29, 8 July 2010 (UTC)

Throughout this process I have learnt alot. I have been amazed by the amount of people that actually are willing to help with the mission, not only on this wiki, but on all the other Wikimedia projects, as well as on other projects. It has also been enlightning to see how much individuals are able to do if someone just empowers them by trusting in their ability to do it well. And it has been great to see how such an organic and decentralized movement can achive such goals as has been achived to this day, and how it can organize and aim for even greater goals in the future. I do also apprechiate that I through this process have learnt that solving problems not is as much about overcomming obstacles as it is about taking care of opportunities. Now I hope that we take these opportunities and make the best out of them. --Dafer45 18:13, 11 July 2010 (UTC)

I loved how Strategic Planning provided an outlet for our ideas and thoughts on where we'd like the projects to go in the next few years. I joined strategic planning during one of the early phases, took part on one of the task force, wrote multiple proposals, became an admin and a host, helped other new users and felt like I was really involved in the process. Its a great place to have discussions and talk with like-minded people who only want the best for Wikipedia and other projects. I got a chance to visit Wikimania and really felt like I was involved in some of the decision making process that goes on. Going further, I only want the best for the Projects and hope that there is a brighter future ahead for all the projects.Theo10011 17:32, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

I've spent a year of my life with this process and it feels a little disconnected to be moving on to other things. It's been amazing, overwhelming, fear inducing, charming, enlightening, panic-stricken... just about any adjectives one can come up with, I've felt during this process. But in the end, we did something amazing. Together, we created a strategy for a "Top five" web property, and did it in a way no one ever has before. We got 1000 people to contribute, representing more than 50 different languages. There was massive involvement and along the way we saw the best and the worst of our community. We saw trolling, but we saw genuine human compassion and no shortage of deep, intense, personal care. Eugene had a strong vision for the process, and that helped move us along, but there's no question that where we ended up is quite different from where we thought we'd be - and, I think, better. The sum of all of us took us to a really spectacular place. I'm proud to be a part of it. ~Philippe (WMF) 18:16, 16 July 2010 (UTC)

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Other Ideas

Video Toast

Possible video options at Thread:Village pump/en/Let's plan a party!/reply (10). The easiest option would be to use Wikimedia Foundation's new WebEx service. However, this is probably not viable for the week of July 5, as the Internet connection at Wikimania 2010 is likely to be flaky.