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From Strategic Planning

We want a representative segment of the movement's stakeholders to participate in our process. Things to measure could include:

  • Segmentation analysis. How often are we engaging with the different stakeholders across all the different mediums? Diversity measures (e.g. geography, languages, etc.)
    • Wiki participation. Who's editing this Wiki? Can we trace the contributions that lead to the final documents?
    • Backchannel engagement. With whom are we proactively (and most likely individually) engaging? It could be over email, phone, face-to-face, meetups, etc.
    • IRC participation. Who's showing up to office hours? What percentage of those folks are also participating elsewhere?
  • Community trust. How would you measure this?


Wiki Usage Data

Erik Zachte's next stats update will include this Wiki. Folks are also welcome and encouraged to contribute their own analysis from the database dumps.

Things I'd like to see:

  • A more granular version of Erik's charts. Specifically, daily stats on:
    • Authors who edited at least once since arriving
    • New authors
    • Authors who edited at least five times
    • New articles
    • Average number of edits / article
  • Automatic generation of Philippe's stats. Specifically, daily stats on:
    • Registered users
    • Total edits
    • Total pages
    • Total content pages
  • Proposal stats, including daily numbers on:
    • Total proposals
    • New proposals
    • Edits / proposal + Talk page
    • Unique editors / proposal + Talk page
  • Translations
    • Total number of translated pages over time
    • New translated pages
    • Number of languages appearing on this Wiki, sorted by number of pages
    • How quickly do translations happen?

We also need to track Evaluation/LiquidThreads (en)

Data Analysis Tool

User:Jrbl has been working on some Python scripts to help analyze our data.