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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
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If not English, in what language is this proposal submitted?: 中文 / zh-hans




Google translation: Wikipedia in China, set up a dedicated server and its related issues. Note that this proposal is not in the Chinese Wikipedia to compete outside the separate organization, but to create a fully synchronized, and Chinese Wikipedia "Chinese characteristics" mirror.


  1. 不由基金会出面主持专用服务器的开设(因此并不算是基金会的官方网站),而由中国的维基百科爱好者主持,以避免将基金会卷入网络言论自由的争议。
  2. 基金会在必要时可为中国的服务器提供一定的技术支持。比如为其开设专用的VPN或SSL,令中国的服务器能和基金会的服务器快速、无障碍地连接。
  3. 在不影响到基金会运作和募捐的前提下,基金会可以为中国服务器提供一定的资金支持。

Google translation:

Foundation areas
  1. Not help the Foundation come forward to host the opening of a dedicated server (and therefore does not amount to the Foundation's official website), but by fans over the Chinese Wikipedia in order to avoid involvement in the Foundation network of freedom of speech controversy.
  2. Foundation, may, when necessary for China's servers provide some technical support. For example, set up a dedicated VPN or SSL, the server can make the Chinese and the Foundation of the servers quickly, hassle-free way to connect.
  3. Without prejudice to the Foundation, under the premise of the operation and fund-raising, the Foundation for Chinese servers to provide some financial support.

  1. 使用与基金会服务器不同的软件,可以是修改后的MediaWiki,也可以是自主开发的新系统。并通过MediaWiki的API与基金会服务器相连,保持双方所有内容的同步
  2. 自带内容过滤系统,以遵守当地的法律法规。
  3. 自行开发适用于大陆用户的应用,以改善维基百科在中国的接受度。

Google translation:

Chinese servers
  1. Foundation, the server uses different software, which can be modified MediaWiki, it can be independently developed by the new system. 'MediaWiki's API through a server connected with the Foundation to maintain all elements of both synchronous'.
  2. Own content filtering system to comply with local laws and regulations.
  3. Self-developed applications for users on the mainland to improve Wikipedia in China's acceptance.


  1. 鉴于中国国内的网络环境,我们有必要在中国开设专用的服务器。
  2. 为中国用户提供更多的维基百科访问途径,以提高维基百科在中国的认受度。
  3. 让中国用户更快捷、更方便地访问维基百科。

Google translation:

  1. In view of China's domestic network environment, we need to set up a dedicated server in China.
  2. For the Chinese Wikipedia users to provide more access to ways to increase Wikipedia degree of acceptance in China.
  3. Allow Chinese users faster and more convenient access to Wikipedia.


  1. 内容过滤系统须由足以信赖的维基人完全控制。
  2. 过滤系统只是在当地的法律法规条件下不得不作出的妥协,应在当地法律法规允许范围内,尽量少地设立人为障碍。因此:
  3. 可在中文维基百科(而非中国版)开设页面,接受误过滤内容的提报。
  4. 页面被全文过滤时,应告知原因:请勿浏览不符合本地法律法规的内容。
  5. 页面被段落过滤时,应告知原因:不符合本地法律法规的内容已被滤除,您可以访问zh.wikipedia.org查看原始页面。
  6. 页面被段落过滤而无法编辑时,应告知原因:不符合本地法律法规的内容已被滤除,您可以访问zh.wikipedia.org编辑原始页面或章节。(不含有被过滤段落的章节则可以直接编辑)

Google translation: Content Filtering System:

  1. Content filtering system shall be reliable enough to complete control of Wikipedians.
  2. Filtering system only under the condition of the local laws and regulations have to make compromises should be the extent permitted by local laws and regulations, as little as possible by setting up artificial barriers. Therefore:
    Filtration system should be sufficiently accurate and should be avoided as much as possible the content and pages have been mistakenly filtered case, for example, we can not filter w: zh: multidimensional scaling (Key words: fuckgfw </ span> Victoria ), w: zh: Fallon City (Keywords: Fa fuckgfw </ span> lun), the actual There is no prohibited content pages.
    'A very small number' topic will be sensitive to the page text filtering; the theme is not sensitive to the page, then try to do only with a prohibited keyword filtering passages, rather than filtering entire page.
  3. May be in the Chinese Wikipedia (not the Chinese version) to open the page, accept the reference to the content filter mistakenly reported.
  4. Page is full filtration, should be informed of reasons: Do not browse the local laws and regulations inconsistent with the content.
  5. Page is filtered paragraph, it should inform the reason: not in conformity with local laws and regulations of the content has been filtered, you can visit view the original page.
  6. Page is paragraphs of the filters can not be edited, they should inform the cause: not in conformity with local laws and regulations of the content has been filtered, you can visit edit the pages or chapters of the original. (Paragraph does not contain the filtered sections, you can directly edit)



Web record issue

Let the Chinese version website in China's legitimate to survive, they are bound to go through site for the record. In this regard we will face what kind of problems? Would welcome suggestions.

  1. 独立、兼容但更快速的Parser,可以预先实验Mountain之前提议的C Parser
  2. “中国特色”的社区化应用。比如便于用户展示自己创建、编修的网页。
  3. 在不至于引起混淆的情况下,默认使用简体中文大陆用语的页面标题和内容,提高中文维基百科在中国的亲和度。
  4. 等等,欢迎补充。


New applications
  1. Independent, compatible with but more rapid Parser, in advance prior to the proposed Mountain experiment C Parser.
  2. "Chinese characteristics" of the community-based applications. Example, user-friendly display their creation, editing web pages.
  3. While not confusing circumstances, the default language to use Simplified Chinese mainland the page title and content to enhance the Chinese Wikipedia in China, and the degree of affinity.
  4. And so on, welcome to add.


  • 服务器:按照中国万网(提供的独立主机方案,一台服务器的年花销至少为7,800元人民币(约1,150美元)。
  • 服务器软件:在维基人的参与下,能否完全自主研发?如果需要外界的协助,则可能需要一些资金。


  • Server: According to China Net 10000 ( provided by the independent host program, a server's annual spending at least 7,800 yuan (about 1,150 U.S. dollars).
  • Server software: people's participation in the wiki, can completely independent research and development? If you need outside assistance, you may need some money.



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