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Allow for inline, AJAX based quick editing of Wiki entries, without having to go through several page-loads and use wiki syntax


Similar to the way Fligkr allows renaming of files (once clicked, the H1 encapsulating the filename is replaced with a single-field form allowing you to modify it), I'd suggest that an option be developed to allow people to click on a section, and it becoming an inline, rich text-editor. This is mainly useful for quick edits, such as gramatical modifications and minor factual errors, though it can also be used for adding new information.


Will make for faster, more natural editing; will lower the barrier of editing.

Key Questions

Will this increase casual vandalism? And accidental edits?

Will this work with complex elements? (Such as table entries, captions, etc, which are the very elements that are the hardest to "interpret" when viewing raw wiki-code.)

Potential Costs

Volunteer time, to develop and test AJAX code.


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