Template:Random featured proposal

    From Strategic Planning

    This template displays random proposal from the list below. All proposals in Category:Featured proposals should be on this list and vice versa.

    Rules for updating the Featured proposals list:

    • Do not add your own proposal
    • Proposals should fall in different categories (literally)

    ... to be discussed at the Discussion page

    List of featured proposals:
    |0=Run an annual prize for best featured content 
    |1=Work on developing a sustainable international structure 
    |3=Right to Left support 
    |4=Go beyond the Wikis  
    |5=A "be bold" campaign  
    |6=Better System For Discussions  
    |7=Easier Editing  
    |8=Easier video submitting  
    |9=Facebook connect  
    |10=Get another CMS for Commons  
    |11=Global watchlists  
    |12=Support OpenID
    |13=Universal User Page
    |14=WYSIWYG default editor
    |15=Keep the servers running
    |16=Brand name consolidation
    |17=Allow image rating for Commons
    |18=Distributed Wikipedia
    |19=Expert review
    |20=AJAX based quick editing
    |21=A central wiki for interlanguage links
    |22=Board transparency
    |23=Watch Category option
    |24=Real-time chat
    |25=Core topics complete
    |26=Apply levels of importance
    |27=Universal login eligibility by default
    |28=Support the fight against cross wiki vandalism
    |29=Improve software, keep up with the times
    |30=Academic degree from Wikimedia
    |31=Change Wikipedia Notability Guidelines
    |32=Distributed Infrastructure
    |33=Implement OAuth for MediaWiki (and employ in Wikimedia)
    |34=Multilanguage categories
    |35=Improving our platform
    |37=Hub Page
    |38=Common watchlists
    |39=Editing usability improvements
    |40=Move references out of article text
    |41=Help people understand the variety of ways in which the may contribute
    |42=Geonotice improvements
    |43=Long term strategy development
    |44=WMF Customer Service
    |45=Java applet support
    |46=Be nice
    |47=Librsvg development funding
    more to be added