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Proposal:Academic degree from Wikimedia

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I think, if a person contributes in a professional manner, this person should have the opportunity to get a reputable academic degree as one can obtain it from Universities.


First step is enrolment. After the career can start. There is a known path: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.


Knowledge is everywhere. One can find it in jails, in slums or in psychiatric hospitals. Often these persons do not have access to a University. Otherwise persons outside such venues do not have access to this kind of knowledge. It has been proven, that this knowledge is not less valuable.

Sometimes quite simply there is not a suitable University nearby you. By establishing such an opportunity knowledge can travel easier around the world. This establishment touches a core idea of Wikipedia: Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

Key Questions

  • Wikimedia must be unique. How can one distinguish its academic degrees from all other Universities?
  • What are the quality characteristics?
  • Who does the supervision?
  • Have inquiries been made whether or not this degree will be recognised by those official bodies that offer recognition? If they are going to grant recognition (and I don't see why not), then go on, it's a wonderful idea.
  • this is more a job than an academic training. how can we call a 4 year, 8 hour a day editor "bachelor"?
  • Has there ever been a degree for worker in any other organization?
  • Should wikimedia "take care of" it's "students"?

Potential Costs

There are administrative costs only.


Community Discussion

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  1. Vibhijain 10:34, 6 May 2011 (UTC) Great idea! But it can't be on the basis of Voting. Wikimedia will have to get recognize.
  2. .. Sign your name here!