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  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
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Wikimedia Foundation has limited its goal to exchange of knowledge. Pursuing a single goal is more productive. But Mediawiki Software is more versatile and can be put to use for more purposes that many of the non-wikimedia wikis are already doing so. But present most of non-wikimedia wikis are non infrastructure per say. like usually private sector does not like long term paying infrastructure but strategically infrastructure is what is important.

There are certain Ideas like People inclusive Governance,Law,new small scale entrepreneurship and business development, Portal Pages for Small Co-operatives and NGOs, Social Marketing proposals etc where media wiki software can be used. We do have a pool expertise who can create project pages for targeted wikis setup knowingly for sale.


Setup new projects People inclusive-(Rural& small urban) Governance, Law, religion, new small scale entrepreneurship and business development,Portal Pages for Small Co-operatives and NGOs, Social Marketing proposals,mediawiki academy etc and sell them


  • improves reach and usage of the software.
  • Revenue to wikimedia

Key Questions

  • Can we share revenue of salable projects with initial contributors till sale is accomplished?
  • Or may be we can give these projects for development to wikacademy kind of thing?

Potential Costs

May be high but may be no profit no loss and


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