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Many people, organizations does not satisfy the inclusion criteria for Wikipedia. Nevertheless the people, organization are important on the local level of a town, district, village, public institution etc.


The above mentioned is the reason why a lot of a new wikiprojects are created. The proposal is to allow creation of sub-wikies (like so called "lower level" wikipedias) under the "top level" Wikimedia's projects.

Probably the ability could be created that every article in Wikipedia could have its own "subwiki" site!


The role of Wikimedia will be higher. The inclusionists will be satisfied by inclusion their articles into the sub-wikies. If a Featured article will appear in a sub-wiki it will be promoted to the "top-level"

Key Questions

The architecture, the "lower level" domain names, the coordination and references between the articles with the same names in the "top-level" and the "lower level" wikies.

Potential Costs

Probably big :-(


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