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Proposal:Drop the idea that everyone can contribute knowledge

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The main problem of Wikipedia is the 'right' given indiscriminately to everyone to contribute.


Strong evidence of the contributor's expertise level shall be given and verified.


I see a great number of articles where dominates ignorance or ill-motivated wish to interpret the facts the way it suits the contributor's motives.

Key Questions

If a man says "I am a surgeon" - would you allow him to do the surgeon's job? If a real surgeon does his job - shall that job be judged by a fifth grader?

Potential Costs

Pretty high. True and effective knowledge cannot be obtained for free.


An example: What is the Computer Science? In order to get answer to this question - you shall type it in the web browser search field and start reading for example: http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~john/jenning.pdf and http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~john/whatiscs.html. The very first fact that follows reading these two articles is - you must have some basic education in order to be able to give a serious answer to this question.

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