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Proposal:Dump Task forces on this wiki and start real work ourselves

From Strategic Planning
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Every proposal should be tied to one of the strategic priorities below.

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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


This wiki exists simply said for making Wikimedia better. Let us take the shortest path towards it.


Stop all bureaucracy around this wiki (Task forces etc). Get the tools we need (ReaderFeedback tool etc.) and start materializing outputs. Create clear rules, vote more admins. Get special technical help from WikiMedia developers. Cooperate with Bugzilla (prioritizing bugs and feature requests) - possibly transfer the best proposals from here into feature requests and vote for them there to speed up implementing. Involve more general public. Put up another site-wide site notice to other wikis just with a simple link to here (without boring letter from Jimmy - no one reads more than a single line of a letter today). Clear the rule of Wikimedia Foundation in this project - it should be a slave for materializing proposals from here. Connect to meta.


To maximize the effect of this wiki.


For Technology Proposals

  • Comparison tables here on this wiki of existing technology can help. Unlike proposals, these are factual verifiable information. These will help move technology proposals from rough idea to detailed spec.
  • Magnet content can be added that will bring developers to this site. The aim would be to get a community of developers talking with each other and sharing technology, and subsequently collaboratively creating development plans.

For All Proposals

  • Create an initiative to get more proposals to featured status. Model it on how things happen on Wikipedia.
  • Add 'Stub-status' boxes to incomplete proposals that need a lot more work. Merge or delete them, if no progress on them happens and they don't have sufficient notability.
  • Counter bureaucratic process, if such it is, with guerilla grass-roots process of improving proposals and related content, basing approach on norms on Wikipedia.


  • Tone down confrontational language and just get on with doing 'the right thing' ourselves.

Key Questions

  • Others are welcome to edit this proposal and make it better.
  • How do we change the culture here in strategic planning wiki to one of collaboratively edited proposals?

Potential Costs

  • No financial outlay.
  • Time of editors/contributors.


Community Discussion

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