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Proposal:Education search engine and web filter

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See: Proposal talk:Semantic wiki-web#Education search engine and web filter



Research suggests that a high level of school connectedness serves as a protective factor for a number of adverse behaviors. Adolescents who form a positive affilitation or bond with their schools are more likely than those who fail to form such bonds to engage in a variety of prosocial behaviors and to achieve their full academic potential, and they are also less likely to engage in problem behaviors such a fighting, bullying, truancy, vandalism, and substance use.  

— DuBois, David L., Michael J. Karcher (2005). Handbook of Youth Mentoring. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications Ltd
  • Create educational search engine.
  • Create educational web filter.

It may be interesting to define several whitelists (in categories) and blacklists (in categories) and allow the user to define minimum and maximum distances from or to white - or blacklisted content. ("up to 2 or 3 hops away from bildungsserver.de" should for instance be a good preference for Germany.)


One could also gather recommendations for TV programs. The technical realization of assembling appropriate TV programs into an offer could be left to cooperating cable or internet TV providers. At least theoretically this would give schools the option to make effective recommendations for TV consumption.

(The school is the end, the TV provider is just a means, even if some pupils may strongly disagree.)


  • Both services are useful for educators.
  • The web filter could be used to generate revenue (e.g. as a subsidiary of the Wikimedia Foundation).

Key Questions

Potential Costs


German quality rating systems for web pages made for children

Systems that allow web filtering

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