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Articles achieve featured article status, a status that says it is amongst the best articles in wikipedia, only after scrutiny and review. However after being on the main page the nature of wikipedia means that the quality of the article may improve or decline.


The proposal is to mark the diff at which an article achieved featured article status. Rather than link to w:Wikipedia:Featured articles the star in the corner should link to the version of the article which passed the Featured article review. At minimum, the diff should be noted in the talk page template and nomination.

The article should be re-reviewed a intervals to see if the article is still worthy of the featured article status and if it does so then it should be this subsequent version should be linked from the star.


To preserve the quality of Wikipedia articles.

Key Questions

Wikipedia has moved on since its start, an article that could achieve featured article status from a couple of years ago,may no longer pass such a review today.

Potential Costs

To do this by bot is unknown, (I'm not a programmer). However this is an expansion of much of what the software and edit history already allows. At present one can search through the history by hand for the right diff if one is so motivated. If one is really motivated or motivate enough volunteers the link from the star to the diff could be done by hand on each and every featured article rather then use the bot, in this case the cost would be nil.


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