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Wikipedia is a growing encyclopedia. Pages are being edited and created with new information. There needs to be a way of keeping track of this information.


I propose the following. Wikipedia should create a central hub that shows what pages are being created and edited in real time. This way people could keep track of how Wikipedia is growing. Since Wikipedia is an virtual Encyclopedia the growth is boundless and in reality uncontrollable as to how large Wikipedia can grow.


A hub page that shows Wikipedia's growth will enable contributors to know what pieces in Wikipedia is missing and what Wikipedia has already covered in Articles. Here is an example. Let's say I want to do a page on the 1849 Gold Rush. I go to the hub page and type in 1849 Gold Rush and find out there already have been hundreds of contributors and thousands of edits. I return to the Hub Page and go to the What is Needed information. I find out all the topics that have the least amounts of information. Then I as a contributor can make pages where Wikipedia does not have a page. The Hub Page could also tell the viewer how fast Wikipedia is expanding and at what rate.sure

Key Questions

Who will make the hub page? How to make a hub page?

Potential Costs

Unknown costs on making a hub page.


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