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Proposal:Integrated tool to assist in translations/en

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Google Translate: Develop a free software package that can integrate an automatic translator. The integrated tool set + translator prepare items to facilitate the work of translation. Add an automatic translator automates all tasks easily translate them to Wikipedia articles.


Combine: (Google Translate)

  • Translation of texts produced by an automatic translator that can integrate freely
  • Code wiki inserting the visible text
  • Use their own wikipedia to find the corresponding articles in the new language in the original language of internal links
  • Copy Transwiki Transwiki the language and create original
  • Add the template of translating.


Google Translate: The Wikipedia project is multilingual and it would be ideal that the authors are engaged in human enrich the content with respect to what others have done. Multilingualism has the disadvantage that prior to enrich the content should be translated from other languages that is already done. Sometimes people do not know other languages are more practical and start again to translate, this causes a duplication of efforts.

The speakers of minority languages are all bilingual, if in addition the dominant language has a powerful project to Wikipedia that puts these projects in a very weak which contributes to aggravate the danger of being lost these languages are a cultural heritage of very important to humanity. Have powerful aid in translation along with bilingualism or multilingualism of its speakers can partly compensate the disadvantage of the speakers of these languages.

Key issues

Google Translate: The key issue is to make a modular development environment independent translation software translation between pairs of languages. Thus each linguistic community could be deployed in pairs of languages that have more interest, could achieve economic aid local governments in the development of language translators and concrete could take advantage of future progress of machine translation technologies.

Potential costs

Google Translate: The costs of software development.


Google Translate: Could increase between 50% and 100% productivity of translation tasks. This would allow the community's efforts are focused on providing more new content, increase cooperation between different languages and projects in the particular case of minority languages, being amplified by the power of translation have help reduce the disadvantage they are found.

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