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Proposal:Launch 'My Wikipedia'

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Allow users to create a "My Wikipedia" page where articles can be saved and organized.


As part of a user account, create a page where users can store articles they've liked. Allow users to create databases on articles and include space for users to create personal comments on articles, on groups of articles, and on sub-categories created by the user.


I have seven or eight personal different interests that bring me to Wikipedia. I'd like to be able to use Wikipedia to create a kind of history of things I've enjoyed. For instance, I'd like to keep a list of composers I've researched; later I can buy their music or remember that I've searched for them previously. I'd like to be able to group three or four composers together and be able to say, "these guys have great string quartets"; "the guys in this folder bore me"; etc. I also read a fair number of science articles, and I'd want to group them by my interests: 'math' or 'stem cells' or whatever.

This could also be a way for readers to serendipitously find new articles of interest. For instance if I have just edited a page, someone may view that page, see I've made the last edit and view the my 'my wikipedia' page for a list of articles that I've found interesting. This reader may then be interested in reading these articles.

Key Questions

Does someone know how to program this kind of thing? I don't.

Potential Costs

Someone's valuable time.

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