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librsvg is responsible for rendering scalable vector graphics (SVG) at all Wikimedia projects. It has some long and well known bugs that should be fixed.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


The library librsvg is part of the GNOME project, but not actively maintained. It's sole purpose at the GNOME Desktop is to render SVG-icons. Rendering text is not a main goal for the project, therefore text rendering is not fully implemented.[8]

I therefore propose to pay a developer to improve text-rendering in librsvg.


Rendering text is required for educational and encyclopedic scheme graphics. Also many chemical formulas suffer from the problem. A workaround (convert the text to path) is not newbie friendly, requires more disk space and makes it harder to translate the SVG files into other languages.

Key Questions

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Hello, I support the proposal. Until all bugs are fixed however, I propose to work around this by using a different SVG renderer on Commons, maybe only for those problematic SVGs? Maybe let the uploader decide which engine? One that would work and is OSS: inkview as part of the inkscape package. -- 16:47, 12 March 2012 (UTC)


  1. Bug 403274 – text in thumbnail too large. FIXED
  2. Bug 167708 – text on textPath is not rendered at the right place (lands somewhere outside of bounding box).
  3. Bug 574544 – Text coming out wrong size when SVG scaled to funny resolution.
  4. Bug 337979 – text size not rendered correctly.
  5. Bug 460904 – doesn't support text flows.
  6. Bug 612951 - SVG not rendered if header contains width or height in percentage FIXED.
  7. Bug 581494 – rsvg-convert / rsvg can't render a non sized svg graphics FIXED.
  8. Bug 525023 – Text rendered at the wrong position

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