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Organization of work on strategic planning as an ongoing task.


Instead of a one year project, work on strategic planning should continue.

  • States and progresses of strategic plans should be actively analyzed.
  • Plans should be adapted according to new developments.
  • New plans should be created if needed.
  • Obsolete plans should be abandoned.


One strategic plan is better than none. However, as an organization with very long term goals, such as summarizing all human knowledge and improving accessibility of educational materials, WMF should work constantly on its strategic planning: Creating new plans, improving created plans, removing obsolete plans.

Key Questions

  • Would particular plans be appropriate in one, two, five years (from the position of that time)?
  • What should be changed to make plans more appropriate?

Potential Costs

  • Initially, Strategy planning team (Erik and Philippe) should stay as permanent employees, after the first year term.
  • Strategy planning team should analyze further potential costs.


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