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It's hard to use as newcommer any template, or categorising on wikicommons. Creating a new article, adding a new file should be more easy.

Adding buttons for adding specific type of pages (different option for the Geographical new page and of a Famous person page) can result more efficient editing of the Wiki, and people can concentrate on the content, not on the format.

Most of the compute users are not familiar with the wiki formating, but can enter text into field, select a file, etc.

To descript more deeply, here is an example.

If I want to add any hungarian actor, I should enter the some info and i should have some extra job:

  • name
  • birth, death
  • picture

extra: upload its picture to commons, categorize it, ...

  • details of his/her life
  • filmography

extra: make all the films clickable, for the later extension extra-extra: the film page should have a spolier template, if it is having the story of the film

  • links

extra: should edit with wikimarkup (if ther is title of the linked page, it can be extracted by a simple query)

  • references

Giving a more specific editor (derived from a template) gives a same format of the same kind of pages, and the results are more specific, because there is a more strict template to fill out.


Give to people specified editor pages, easier editing (without knowing the wiki markup) template based generated text enter pages, etc...


Its hard to get that result you want, when you should use templates. A lot of people cant understand the wikimarkup, so they not adding anything. A lot of resource wasted on the formating instead adding new content. We have the computers, but dropping human resource instead computer power for a lot of work phases.

Key Questions

Wants the wikipedia gets closer to people?

Potential Costs

minimal. some programming, some GUI design,...


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