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    Instead of a tedious creation of maps, star maps, geographical maps, other maps, create a markup system that generates maps as needed.


    The proposal regards constructing a markup language that generates maps instead of the editors providing images. This should be seen as a complement to providing images, not a sole restricted alternative.

    In order to generate a map over Putnok, the editor could write:

      TYPE: Earth
      CAPTION: Position of Putnok, [[Hungary]]
      SIZE: 200x200(px)
      PROJECTION: Mercator
      CENTER: Hungary
      SPOT(reddot.jpg): 48°18'N, 20°26'E
      DETAIL LEVEL: 12 ; for roads and towns shown
      GEOGRAPHY LEVEL: 4 ; for rivers and topography shown

    autogenerating a relevant map over that town. In order to generate a sky map highlighting Sirrah (a.k.a. Alpheratz, Alpha Andromedae):

      TYPE: Sky
      CAPTION: The star Alpha in constellation [[Andromeda]]
      SIZE: 300x224(px)
      PROJECTION: Lambert conformal conic projection
      CENTER: Andromeda
      SQUARE(border=2px,color=red,dimensions=2°x2°): RA00h08m23s, DE+29°05′26″
      STAR LEVEL: 6.5 ; for stars
      NEBULAE LEVEL: 6.0 ; for nebulous objects, nebulae and stars


    Easier map creation for the editor. Possibly also some storage benefits for the Wikipedia servers, while the cost might be some CPU time.

    Key Questions

    Is it needed? Or are there freely available software out there that can already do the same thing? For star maps PP3 have existed for a long time, with the troubles that an installation is so complex and has so many dependencies that it requires an advanced programmer and essentially a Linux-like environment. Making it a markup language would make it available to any editor (equality aspect). For geographical maps I don't know. One markup for many map types might be important for the common user.

    • What benefits would this have over the standards based GML ?

    Potential Costs

    • Programming time,
    • Server CPU.


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