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    A 20-line article without pictures is a 20-line article without a picture. A 200-line article without pictures is a bad 200-line article without a picture. An article about a person without a picture of the person is not an article about the person.


    There are many authors who write good articles

    • and would like to make use of available pictures
    • or would like to use their own pictures
    • or know a photographer who would be willing to offer a picture for an article.

    All three possibilities can or should be very easy but are in practice extremely inconvenient and require extensive knowledge of utterly irrelevant stuff.


    It should be possible, with a 3-line declaration, to make a picture available for exclusive use in Wikipedia articles. Especially if a picture is received from a photographer it should be immediately clear to the photographer that the picture can be used in Wikipedia and in Wikipedia only and that the picture will not be found in other publications.

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