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    Motley's Crew Wikipedia; a Wikipedia based on every minor detail of the American comic strip Motley's Crew (which was a satire on married life and middle class living)


    How about we create a Wikipedia about the classic American comic strip Motley's Crew that catches every minor detail of every Motley's Crew strip ever made from September 1976 to January 1, 2000? It could have information about the people who were in the comic strip, the settings, the situations, various symbolisms found in each of the comic strips, and even an archive of every issue ever made for this comic strip series. The website would be likely located at


    A long time running comic strip needs a centralized location where information and knowledge about the comic strip can be centrally located. As a long-time fan of the comic strip, I believe that a "tribute encyclopedia" dedicated to Motley's Crew deserves a permanent home on the Internet.

    Key Questions

    • Where are people going to find Motley's Crew comic strips from the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s?
    • How many print resources with Motley's Crew comic strips remain extent (in existence)?
    • Is there a way to get complete information on all the Motley's Crew characters?
    • Can a server can constructed to hold 24 years of comic strips?

    Potential Costs

    An extra server would probably be needed, trying to get collectors to digitize their comic strips to be placed on the encyclopedia, people need to be knowledgable about the Motley's Crew comic strip series.


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