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There are encyclopedia out there that split the encyclopedia up into two parts, a basic and advance section, I would like to do the same for the wiki but take it a step further. I would like to go beyond limiting it to 2 reversion and go with almost an unlimited amount of reversion. The hope in this it to help encourage people to write to the wiki without as much fear of the context they write being delete or turn into garbage.


Put a basic and advance tab on top of the page of the wiki and before each "edit link"(where you click two edit the page) put a version link where you can switch version of the text. (this probably could be done any better idea?)


Right now there is a big problem with people rewrite other work trying to make it sound better. The problem with this is not everybody think the same way, what seem perfectly clear to someone can seem totally garbage to somebody else, not only that but info has the habit of git loss while try to clean up the writing(when people try to dumb down text to a beginner level for example.) A better solution to the problem is copy the text and edit it to you likings and have 2 copy of the text from the reader to choose from. It has been my thought that a user should never edit someone else text(only the author of the text should do that) except for minor grammar and spelling errors and should create a new revision of the text instead. I have had a hard time try to post things on the wiki because I'm afraid after putting hours of work into the text trying two explain things in detail some one would then try to simplify it and remove the detail I put into it. I think there is at least a need for a basic and advance section of they wiki.

Key Questions

How can we make it so people are not afraid of other people destroying there work?

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