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Create easier navigation between different projects, so that information can be found easier for who want to read about a subject.


The projects which are hosted by Wikimedia seem to have been set up as solely projects which exist totally independent. However I have read a quote from someone from the Foundation that the projects are set up to be one big source of information for the public around the world. While interwiki's exist, and we link with templates to other projects, and SUL made it easier, the gap between the different projects is still much larger than needed. Especially the gap between the projects in the same language seems larger, while on many smaller and medium languages, the projects are maintained by the same community. While this community tries to full fill its destiny to create the different types of content, the most attention goes to Wikipedia, while the sisterprojects have a lot of interesting material for the public as well.

The proposal is to create more navigation between the projects and to make it easier to see one language as one project, and the Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiversity, Wikiquote, and Wiktionary as sub-projects of that language in question.

Visitors who want to find information aren't mostly aware of the other projects (mostly besides Wikipedia), and even try to use Wikipedia as dictionary, newswebsite, etc. Visitors mostly do not enter the projects of Wikimedia by type of project (how it seems to be presented nowadays) but do enter it by language they speak themselves.

There is a wide variety of ways how to make the gap smaller, it is just the question how do we want to present information on a wider scale than one project only?

The above mentions gaps are mostly situated between the different local projects, but these aren't the only gaps. There is als a gap between the local projects and meta, a gap between meta and the Foundation, and a gap between the local projects (and community) and the Foundation.


To let the public easier find information they want to read about, and make it possible that the information on the sisterprojects of Wikipedia are more visited.

Key Questions

  • Why can language-links be created very simple on every project in the left box (if it is the same kind of project) and why isn't that possible for links to different projects in the same language?
  • How can the navigation be improved between the projects in the same language?
  • How do we want to present information on a wider scale than one project only?

Potential Costs

  • Nothing expected in some valuta
  • Mentallity change in thinking
  • Much sweat and/or talking


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