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Proposal:New wiki language

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Key Questions

If someone asked for an interlingua for machine translation on http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_new_languages , would they be likely to succeed? If not -- and assuming that there hasn't been such an approval that I don't know about -- doesn't that indicate the flawed use of language demand statistics?

The above was copied from Proposal:A central repository of all language independent data which is similar to Proposal:Semantic wiki-web

Potential Costs

Possibly more than for a human language that we aren't supporting. Traditionally, before people were able to make use of interlingua because of unsophisticated data processing equipment, French was considered an alternative for Diplomacy. There are probably significant advantages to using an existing natural language for an interlingua, as long as there is a way to supplement it in a way that would remove ambiguity from idioms and other ambiguous words and phrases.


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