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Idea: Semantic wiki-web, smart wiki-device, semantic searching and so on.

Problem: Wikipedia does not now have convenient tools for answering the questions of users. (Sample question in this proposal: "How to prolong the life of Homo sapiens?"). User have not a possibility to search by semantic, only by (in) title of pages, templates and so on. Wikipedia have not semantic unit (like class in OOP).


Now we have only one search string. It's need make step by step searching objects (articles) for user (like searching in 1 and more categories sets in but with a proposal categories, templates, articles from Wikipedia).

In first, all articles, part of articles links by templates.

Now from one page's templates we can't recursively see other templates – portals, categories, lists and other "Wikipedia datatypes" (WD) (or semantic structures, semantic types, semantic units). For categories (click on +) we can see subcategories and articles, but not other WD. In search strings we also only see one type, only one Wikipedia name space. So it is need common (click on +) searching, step by step in common semantic hierarchy (and categories, and templates, and list, and portals). Sample of step by step algorithm may be looks like this:

  • 1) Who/What (nouns). In this result sets:
  • 2) By some tools (nouns). In this result sets:
  • 3) Do action, process (verbs with times, space/nouns). In this result sets:
  • 4) Result of process


  • Who: Homo sapiens
  • Tools: medicine and biotechnology
  • Action: Prolongevity of life Homo sapiens
  • Result of process: more prolonged life Homo sapiens

And something from UML tools (like tools in IDE):

Now we have not template with structures as in sample, such structure are not appear automaticly (only if editor made it). It's need search template with that fields for feeling by users. If user leave one field as empty, search result = sets for that field.

It might be even better to only make two fields:

  • Process (if)
  • Results of that process (then)


  • Process: H2+O2
  • Results of that process: H2O


It would be nice if we had semantic searching, semantic wiki-web, combinatorial searching with interactive restrictions chosen by the user. Semantic searching is better than the 1-string search. What is in structures and that is tools for operation with those structures.

Key Questions

  • Substitude one MD to other, it is need make own language for programming (wiki-language for programming?)

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