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Create an Online 2.0 SVG editor with the wikipedia map conventions, this by expanding OpenStreetMap set of tools, and integrate it within wikimedia.


Instead of ten thousands of maps keep as separate PNG, JPG, SVG files on commons, collaborate with the Free project OpenStreetMap to create an Online 2.0 SVG editor. In this project, the Wikimedia foundation, the OpenStreetMap community, and the Graphic Lab map conventions may contribute. Actually, OSM and the German Wikimedia already have a ~15.000 US$ collaboration for road style maps integration to Wikipedia.

Provide such Online 2.0 SVG editor will lead our schemes to the 2.0 collaborative level, helping to provide standardized schemes, thus strengthening Wikipedia pedagogic value, and graphic identity.


For map makers:

  • Use:
    • one unique graphic backgroup (avoid duplication, reduce noise), more updatable, thus more reliable
    • one layer for one language
    • linguistic layer translatable online
  • Common set of : basic colors, icons, labels' font, legend style ;
  • Web 2.0:
    • Allow collaborative drawing,
    • shortcut the download-open-edit-reupload process ;

For readers:

  • Ease reader' understanding of our schemes, by reducing the schemes styles to some conventions ;
  • Increase the graphic indentity of Wikipedias ;
  • Get more pro ;

Key Questions

Is it needed?

  • YES.
1. Currently: we work in an archaic web 1.0 way.
2. Tomorrow: Like Google with its Google Map, and like OpenStreetMap did, we do need to move to this web 2.0 way to draw maps. Sooner or later. So, don't waste time : we can launch this now !

Or are there freely available software out there that can already do the same thing?

  • OpenStreetMap: is already free, SVG friendly, but have been only think for road maps. Expansion is need for map & scheme creation. OSM-Wikimedia collaboration is possible, already started, and already have money (~15.000 US$).

Potential Costs

  • programmers' times ;
  • money (from Greenspun project ?) ;
  • Wikigraphists' time ;


Proposal notes: Application areas:

  • Wiki articles ; Graphic Labs ; Maps.

Other projects: /

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