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Call for proposals

From Strategic Planning

Proposing an idea

Before you make a proposal, please scan through the existing proposals to see if someone has already made a similar proposal. In general, we encourage you to categorize, discuss, edit, translate, merge, and fork the proposals you see below. You might also look at previous proposals, found at this page. Feel free to submit stuff (proposals as feature requests) to Bugzilla for further action. Please add proposals being implemented to implemented proposals.

To create a submission, put the title in the form below and press the "create page" button. The newest proposals created during the last few days are available here.


For a list of the previously submitted proposals, click here.

Rating existing proposals

Please use What do you think of this proposal? section at the bottom of each proposal to rate proposals on priority, impact, feasibility and desirability. You can also place the {{Impact}} template to talk pages of proposals and rate.

To track your favorite submitted proposals, see favorite proposals.