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    Make Wikipedia API and semantic (something like en:Cyc's tools)

    Wikipedia now is a statical (only HTML) structure. We could make dynamical structure: + functions (methods)


    Wikipedia now have not any API for other program (tel me please if it is a mistake), impossible to get any info from wiki-page and put into any program.

    Object-oriented programming terms: If article = Class, how about methods (functions)?

    Examples: articles "Isaac Newton" -> class IsaacNewton, methods:

    • Born()
    • Died()
    • Residence()
    • Citizenship()
    • Nationality()
    • Fields()
    • Institutions()
    • Alma mater()
    • Academic advisors()
    • Notable students()
    • Known for()
    • Influences()
    • Religious stance()
    • Signature()
    • Notes()

    and so on

    What to do in "smart" program? For examples this:


    • con = new connectToWikipedia();
    • question1 = con.Articles.IsaacNewton.Born();


    answer - in question1

    It's need packages on OOP (en:XML - static structure, no funtion, no methods) for programming somethink like this:

    Sample of such package for wikipedia's page en:Artificial intelligence, templates on this page Technology, Philosophy of science, Philosophy of mind

    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.AppliedScience.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Information.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Industry.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Military.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Domestic.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Engineering.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.Health_safety.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.Technology.ransport.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfscience.RelatedArticles.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfscience.ConceptsInPhilosophyOfscience.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfscience.TheoriesOfScience.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfscience.PhilosophersOfScience.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfMind.RelatedArticles.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfMind.ConceptsInMind.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfMind.TheoriesOfMind.List()
    • Wikipedia.ArtificialIntelligence.PhilosophyOfMind.PhilosophersOfMind.List()

    Classes Technology, PhilosophyOfscience, PhilosophyOfMind also can have and some other methods (NumberOfElements, ValidElement and so on)

    And no extenstion or covertion (because) when user add new template, conversion or other after wikipedia operation do different delays.


    Devices wanted WP-infowmation. Give it for it.

    Key Questions

    Convertor "articles to class"

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