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Proposal:Strengthen video creation

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Actually there are millions of files on Commons. Most of them are pictures, some of them are recordings and videos. Videos such as pictures can be used in the articles. As Wikipedia stays in electronic version it is not a problem to implement videos which can enrich encyclopedic articles. But also other project may benefit from educational videos such as Wikibooks or especially Wikiversity. But there aren't many videos. Why? It is difficult to do a quality video. You need to be skilled, you have to have appropriate hardware and software.


I think in the first phase Wikimedia community may support groups around free software which can change your avi or mpeg format to ogg Theora. Currently there are some programs, but quite difficult for common users.


As mentioned before. Video in Wikipedia´s articles improves qualities and enrich Wikipedias attractiveness. In Wikiversity can become major learning tool.

Key Questions

  • How to meet the aims when supporting groups around open video software?
  • What kind of support we can offer them?

Potential Costs

That is a question.


Community Discussion

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In partnership with Archive.org and others wikipedia should offer public domain movies right in the article about the movie.

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