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wish to produce a multimedia that can be used as a way to inform and tutor the masses, and all the same draw attention to Wikipedia or Wikimedia or Mediawiki. pupils that receives those multimedia to be engaged for possible volunteers in building a for example Marathi version of Wikipedia whereto they have translated from the English Wikipedia.


This is a proposal to hold competions for transformation of wiki knowledge to audio/visual/multimedia.If wikimedians have created so much knowledge it needs to reach masses.Please suggest/contribute in process of certification/reward/award and evaluation criteria on the talk page here.

Benefits of the Proposal

  • Gives opportunity to educationa institutions to motivate students and teachers in doing new projects and that to reach more audiance
  • Very flexible to boost any kind of wiki content transformation in other media
  • Helps creating multimedia teaching aids
  • Other Audio Visual like radio TV medias can pick up such content more easily,
  • Division of work as per core capacities and interest
  • Supports all wiki projects of all languages including wikijunior,wikiversity
  • Supports wikimedia chapter's objective
  • Supports How to use and how to edit wiki education
  • World wide reach and reaches those areas where wiki is still not active
  • Wikimedia Foundations own investment in Audio Visual content creation remains to least
  • Frequently reaches to news through press release
  • Frequently Reaches to education institution notice board
  • Supports continuous education of adult population
  • Last but not least Supports Wikimedia Foundations committment to freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
So please read and update proposal details here in next section.


  • Competitions will be open to students with different age groups 14 to 18, 18 to 21 and 21 to 24. There will be a separate categories that will open to teaching community, Graduates and Post graduates of Business administration, Graduates and Post graduates social work, Graduates and Post graduates of law.
  • Individual and Team Categories should be available
  • Presentation Subjects
    • How to Use/Edit Wikipedia/wikimedia projects, their scope and intro
    • How to install mediawiki software and customs
    • Any subject covered on any of mediawiki projects
    • How to use non roman fonts on computers for non roman font languagees
  • Presentation Format Categories
    • Power Point Presentations (Preferably post creation Editable for to keep them customisable, and editable for localisation and internationalisation)
    • Multi media Audio & Video
    • Flash
    • Cartoons
    • Quiz

Please see SWOT and Steps to Execute for this proposal


  • On one hand english languge and to some extent languages from developed first world are doing well so we need chnannels to send this knowledge ahead.
  • We have potential languages working on this but space is slow only because target internet using community simply does not know how to edit wikipedia.Big percentage of humanity always needs 'how to ?' coaching and if we have to give how to coaching we need different kind of presentations like power point presentations , Flash and UTube kind of Videos.

Key Questions

  • Evaluation, Who will Evaluate ?
One suggesstion in this respect wikimedia chapers where those do exist. For language and regions Where not existent relevant language wikipedia community will be entrusted to evaluate.where enough local active wikipedia community is not existent wikimedia meta will take care of evaluations.
  • Or do we entrust the same to some intrested educational institutions?
  • What will be the incentive, and who will give it ?
Simple motivational participation certificate to every participants to be issued by local chapters or media wiki
Higher level certifications and other incentives to be given by wikimedia foundation
Shall we sell, or shall we redistribute those multimedia for free as an advertisement campaign? Please do share your openion
Are you suggesting that we assist in designing a process for how such material is going to be evaluated in order to fit into that multimedia? Yes Please need support.

Potential Costs

  • Cost of promotion
  • Cost of evaluation
  • Cost of Cost of printing certificates
  • Cost of delivery
  • Cost of other motivational incentives
  • We will need certificate design from wikimedians


Community Discussion

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