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Proposal:The ultimate dictionary

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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


Describes all the needed functionalities.


Different functionalities would be precious to the current Wiktionaries:

  1. Easy black wallpaper with colored fonts, for energy and eyes preservation (like thes gadget called Use a black background with green text on the Monobook skin).
  2. A new search engine:
    1. Crossword (an fr.wikt prototype exists, but we must do better than [1])
    2. With a notion of paronym degrees (like the Google suggestions), eg: 1 letter of difference, 1 sound of difference...).
    3. Moreover it must also allow a translation by language (for instance "fr black" would give the article "noir").
    4. A search engine dedicated to contributions (eg: find a word added (or removed) in all contribution of an IP, or into all the sysop grop mambers ones).
  3. Paragraphs choice to show by ticking some boxes (pictures, synonyms, translations, see also...).
  4. Photo, sound and video edition interface, with the history "undo" possibility. See also MW:Extension:VideoWiki.
  5. A speech recognition compatibility would be enough ergonomic (eg: to say "wiki link word" would write [[word]]).
  6. An option for page reading, with several voices at a choice, and the possibility to read some pages with video plugins in addition (karaoke, colored fonts, films, video algorithms).
  7. A subtitles creator which would display any selected information from the wiktionaries (etymology, synonyms... in a given language) in any video (eventually in real time).
  8. Download version for PDA and mobile phone with automatic synchronisation (which is not available here).
  9. Pictures showing the word occurrences in a selected language, or a sorted listing by year of appearance (better than [2] and [3]).
  10. Bar showing degrees of holonymy, meronymy, hypernymy et hyponymy (like for the Wikispecies species). For instance, horse would be the 2nd degree meronym of equidae [...] and the 14th degree of animal.
  11. Text translation (like Google) with a words and letters counting.
  12. Text translation which would change the person (eg: replace "the client must" by "you must").
  13. An simple edition mode for beginners, which automatically add the wiki syntax (carriage returns...) while saving (like the Magnus edit box + the assisted translations published in this profile, this one, or WISIGOTH (which suggests some synonyms but it would be more reliable to propose the Wiki existing templates).
  14. A way to display the non-romanized characters transcriptions into the categories (eg: in [4], 〇 líng, 䦉 sì...). See also the transliterator project.
  15. A categories entries sorting mode by alphabetical order (and not UTF8 which places the upper cases before and the accents after). To sort the page content, see searchbox.

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