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Google Translate: Supporting Chapters organized by groups of people with a common interest around a particular topic. For example, people with disabilities. Minority language speakers scattered throughout the world. People interested in promoting content in certain areas like math ...


Google Translate: The thematic chapters as well as regional organizations that would be outside the network activities to support and promote free knowledge and the Wikimedia projects around your subject matter. Should be constituted as legal entity in a particular jurisdiction and to meet legal requirements to operate in different countries. In some activities could be supported in the infrastructure of regional chapters and not in others.


Google Translate: The local regional chapters allow complete division of the world and this has the advantage to get everywhere. But there is help • Individuals who are more inclined to work • working on projects through organizations that promote free knowledge towards priority issues which are particularly sensitive. Many multinational companies have a matrix structure in the overlapping territorial organization based on regions or countries and an organization based on products or activities.

Key issues

Google Translate: Avoid the unconscious mind of territorial exclusivity. In organizations with profit or nonprofit, but based on access to money from the public or private organizations, the territorial exclusivity has the advantage of avoiding internal competition and gain certain advantages "monopoly." Our case is the reverse, but the chapters have no rights and obligations are not based primarily on money but on the people. It seems that should not be understood as something exclusive but inclusive. The chapter has no right to prevent others promote free knowledge on behalf of wikimedia in its territory but has the moral obligation of promoting him to all corners of the country. The fact that the thematic chapters overlap with the territorial be seen as an advantage for regional chapters to make them work that they would be more difficult to do because the theme have easier to reach certain groups people.

Potential costs

Google Translate: Before adopting this parallel structure • Drop to the complexity of coordination involved, should make a survey to validate that there is indeed co • Individuals interested in promoting this kind of chapters. The costs would be associated with this previous study and those in the structure of these chapters and the writing of contracts subject to chapter.

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