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Proposal:To build a well formed wiki markup language

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Many wiki markup language are not "well formed"; this is a major problem in any automation issue. A step-by-step revision of wiki markup is suggested.


Advantages of a well formed, xml-like language are well known; it's an excellent mean to split formats and contents, and makes much easier to apply a different format to contents. Alternatives to present, usual markup language are already running and optional (i.e. use of <b>...</b> tags instead of '''...''' code), some are very difficult to implement (i.e. template code).

A step-by-step way could be:

  1. step I: to extend and encourage use of existing alternatives into Help pages
  2. step II: to convert not well formed tags into the well formed tags in user input;
  3. step III: to erase from help pages not well formed options;
  4. stel IV: to disable not well formed options.


Lots of evidence favours well formed languages, as XML adventure teaches. Persistent troubles with Book tool are mainly a result of not well formed tags IMHO.

Key Questions

Template conversio into a well formed structure is really difficult task I presume... Simplest cases are easy, but general conversion is a terrible challenge. Alex brollo 13:08, 25 August 2009 (UTC)

Potential Costs


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