Proposal:To diversify participation and create high quality content we should use amateur resources

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    1. Achieve continued growth in readership
    2. Focus on quality content
    3. Increase Participation
    4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
    5. Encourage Innovation


    The Essence of the Proposal is to use the resourses of diverse amateur societies and clubs. The members work wonders at their separate sites, deserving better application.


    Would it be possible to distribute official invitations (for participation in Wikimedia editing) through all these sites (as Friends Reunited and the like), we could really estimate their scientific and references potential.


    This may help starting necessary motivation for all these specialists, most of which are real experts at their respective disciplines but have not had true possibilities to prove their qualification in practice.

    Key Questions

    1. Organisation of the Steering Committee
    2. Working Plan (Programme) development
    3. Staff requirement and vacancies manning
    4. Operating Procedure development
    5. Efficiency and feedback analysis
    6. Further evolution of amateur-based Wiki-media editing idea

    Potential Costs

    To be evaluated


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