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This proposal is about creation of new Wikimedia project - Wikimaps. Currently, there is cooperation between OpenStreetMap going on only.


I want to create a whole new projects that will compete with for example Google Maps, Bing Maps or Ovi Maps. This project will be placed under and will contain different layers of maps (basic, topographical, satellite) just like other mapping websites. After creation and setting up of this project, OpenStreetMap would completely be copied over to Wikimaps and the content will be forked. A better way would be to merge OpenStreetMap to Wikimaps.

The project could nicely show layers with content from other projects with GEO data, images from Commons and articles from Wikipedia (just like Google Maps can do today).


I wanted to participate on OpenStreetMap project, but I did not find my way through. By creating a separate project within Wikimedia, the participation would be instantly open for thousands of registered Wikimedia users throught the Unified login (Wikipedia users, Wikinews users etc.).

Key Questions

  • Is there a "political" will to fork OpenStreetMaps or even to merge them?

Potential Costs


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