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de-3 Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
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I am Kozuch.

My proposals
My other ideas
  • support 3D PDFs (contain U3D or PRC data) on Commons - via Java applet?
  • move IRC channels from FreeNode to (because of FreeNode service porblems & marketing too)
  • allow public logging of Wikimedia/Wikipedia IRC channels
  • unlock discussion pages on
  • Commons: allow 3d data file type, CAD files, IGES (develop Java 3D viewer for commons)
  • move to
    • merge and into
  • GA (good article) before A-class article on assessment scale (
  • allow page/template transclusion across wikis
  • create portal - agregate lab projects
  • - what is it??? redesign, reuse, recreate, readvertise... please just REMAKE!!!
  • - log-in accounts for non-administrators, make the site overall more accessible
  • disallow uploading images with licences that are on commons to specific projects (zakázat nahrávání obrázků pod svobodnými licencemi na lokalni projekty (tlačit commons))
  • Wikipedia Signpost to Main page
  • place {{Totd-random}} to Main page
  • centralize all Wikimania sites under (currently used as redirect)
  • create - "customer" support
Ideas for discussion
  • make featured content display randomly (wikipedia, commons etc.)
  • wiki-metadata per user - number of featured, quality and valuable images by user, no of blocsk etc.
  • featured, quality, valuable images > featured, quality, valuable media (images + sounds/audio + video)